Life is Waiting

We are creating our experiences of living in every moment. We make choices to engage in that creation consciously or unconsciously. We can pretend our lives happens to us, or we can do the work and realize that we are the creators of how we live.

We will have challenging experiences, but it’s our choice how we want to work through them and come out on the other side. Our actions and reactions are the proof of where we are spiritually, emotionally, creatively, socially, developmentally, occupationally, financially, physically, and intellectually moment to moment. When we pay attention, we can start making conscious choices to create and engage in life in a different way.

Sometimes that way is reaching out for help. Other times, we start educating ourselves to build up a creative momentum of thoughts and feelings in our minds to manifest new and better realities one choice at a time. The possibilities are endless.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff, Author of Letters from a Better Me

Published by

Rachael Wolff

I believe we are all powerful and can change the trajectories of our lives by breaking old patterns that no longer serve us. Our perception is our power. I share my experiences to keep me focusing on what matters and to help others do the same. My goal is to live life from a loving place. This is my journey! I hope you come along, and it becomes a destination you want to come back to on yours.

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