Seeds of Wisdom: How Intuition can Help Heal Past Trauma with Special Guest Kiersten Parsons Hathcock

Who is Kiersten Parsons Hathcock?

Kiersten Parsons Hathcock is a former TV marketing executive turned self-taught furniture designer/carpenter and late-in-life volunteer psychic medium.

In 2007, she followed her intuition, which led her to start Mod Mom Furniture. For three and a half years, Kiersten built everything in her four hundred square foot garage until 2011 when she outsourced manufacturing here in the US. Over the years, Mod Mom Furniture has not only partnered with Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation but has also been featured in magazines, TV shows like Shark Tank and The Nate Berkus Show, and modern design books, but is being purchased by celebrities like Christina Applegate and Matthew McConaughey and wife Camilla, as well and tastemakers like Rachel Zoe.

Two years after founding Mod Mom Furniture, Kiersten realized that she had a gift for mediumship. In addition to running Mod Mom, she quietly founded and ran a 501c3 non-profit called The Little Light Project. She was able to put her gifts to work by volunteering as a medium to help parents connect with their children in spirit while she also helped guide highly intuitive children (and their parents) who were having a hard time understanding intuition. In addition, Kiersten formed life-long partnerships with law enforcement officers across the country. Today, she continues to volunteer her time with detectives, grieving parents, and kids struggling to understand their intuition.

In addition to furniture design and mediumship, Kiersten has written articles for trade magazines and is currently mentoring entrepreneurs and speaking nationally on Using Intuition in Business, Healing from Hidden Abuse, and Building a Brand.

On a more personal note, in November 2018, Kiersten delivered a TEDx Talk about healing and surviving abuse using intuition entitled, “Become the Carpenter of Your Life.” Unfortunately, her TEDx talk was censored by TED headquarters, cutting out all parts related to intuition. Her uncensored TEDx talk is featured on her website.

As of November 2021, Kiersten has also teamed up with Mark Pucci, the detective with whom she works and who wrote the foreword for her book, to help families (free of charge) who are searching for answers and missing loved ones. Mark founded The National Institute for Law and Justice (a 501c3 nonprofit) and asked Kiersten to become a founding member. NILJ.ORG

Kiersten landed a book deal for her spiritual memoir, Little Voices, in December of 2021. Post Hill Press published Little Voices on September 20, 2022 (Distributed by Simon and Schuster).

​Today, Kiersten lives in the Phoenix area with her husband, Scott, two daughters, Natalie and Grace, and pup Scout.

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How Intuition Can Help to Heal Past Trauma with Special Guest Kiersten Hathcock

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If you’re like me and like behind-the-scene details, especially when it comes to the happening on the other side…you won’t want to miss this. Follow this link for details.

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