90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 40 – Projecting Acceptance

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 40: Projecting Acceptance

“A compassionate heart can engage evil directly—it can bring Light where there was no light.”

-Gary Zukav

I love projecting acceptance, but it is only possible once we accept the past (Day 37), become secure in the present (Day 38), and welcome the unknown (Day 39). We have to live it in order to project it.

When we project acceptance; compassion, empathy, love, and light energies are leading our feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions. Zukav says above, “ A compassionate heart can engage evil directly…” We are adding light to the darkness. We aren’t there insisting on our own way, fighting reality, and fighting darkness with more darkness, we see beyond the events and face evil with our hearts.

This doesn’t excuse people’s poor choices, we bring light to them. If people don’t have a psychological illness that keeps them from experiencing light, they have the ability to add light to their dark. We allow them space to process their feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions and give them seeds to add light by giving them the opportunity to take responsibility for them. We give them the opportunity to learn out of love, not from the fear of the consequences of their actions. An apology that comes from fear of the consequences isn’t a true apology and carries people’s darkness, not their light. That is why we can tell if an apology is genuine when we are in tune with the energy acceptance. By projecting acceptance we don’t feel the need to attack others. We know when to add our light directly and/or from a distance.

Side Note: Just in case you haven’t been keeping up with the series, dark energies include fear, shame, blame, judgment, hate, revenge, etc. Light energies include love, joy, compassion, empathy, trust, personal responsibility, self-love, loving actions, etc. 

When we project acceptance we attract a variety of people to learn from and/or give seeds to. We attract leaders who inspire us because with acceptance we open our doors to learning. We are no longer closed off by fear. We are led to people, books, videos, seminars, churches, groups, and gatherings that inspire us to be more accepting. We naturally distance ourselves from dark energies that no longer serve us. This may mean people walk away, we stop watching certain shows, we stop going to particular places, etc.  We are more aware of when we are being faced with individuals who are being led by fear. My favorite part is their energy no longer has power over us. We accept the person being where she or he is. We no longer have to be affected by the darkness she/he is projecting. We don’t try to force them to change; we change to move with our energy. What they do with themselves is their business. HOW AWESOME IS THAT?

I’ve experienced multiple encounters where before I would have easily got sucked into someone else’s fearful energy. But now I can say, “I’m sorry that you are living in that fear. I choose not to live there.” Before, even if I felt that way, I wouldn’t say anything. I was worried about what they would think if I didn’t have the same fears as them. I would question my lack of fear in whatever we were discussing. At this point, I can feel confident telling a person that living in fear wasn’t good for me. It didn’t feel good, so I’m choosing a different way to see things. I’m not telling them they have to change. If they want to live in fear, I accept that. That’s their journey. Only the person having the experience can decide if they are ready to let go of their dark energy of fear and live a different way. If they want to know more she/he will ask, do my boot camp, read the things I write about, or will distance themselves from me because they have no interest in my perspective.

I used to feel hurt and insulted when people left my life, now I completely get that our energies don’t match up so it’s ok that there is distance. I’m very happy with what I’m projecting right now, so I will attract the people who are meant to be around me. This goes for readers, followers, friends, family members, and strangers. I love how the Law of Attraction works this way. I don’t have to judge the people who aren’t in my life, when and if they are meant to be there, they will be. If they aren’t they won’t be. No need to fight reality when you live in acceptance of what it is.

I trust when I have a feeling to reach out to someone, I do. I trust when they have a feeling to reach out to me, they will. I won’t blame them if they don’t reach out to me, and I won’t feel guilt if I don’t reach out to them. I know the people who I’m meant to encounter I will. There is no pressure! It’s a beautiful thing!

Projecting acceptance of ourselves and others becomes this beautiful journey of discovery. We are invited into seeing our lives through a different lens—A perspective that invites SO much love into our lives! The thing that blows me away the most is the incredible people it invites in. I’ve been blessed to meet and/or  interact with so many people who are on their journeys in different phases. Each one has something to remind me of or teach me about my own journey. Each question I’m asked or encounter I have contributes to the magic in my life when I’m in the place where I’m projecting acceptance. If I choose to project my fears, my encounters teach me about my fear. If I try to avoid the lesson, my darkness grows and begins to affect all the relationships and energy fueling my life.

We aren’t going to do this perfectly all the time, but there is beauty there too. Just by having the awareness of what we are projecting gives us the opportunity to work with it to change what we don’t like and appreciate what we do. That when we once again get to practice accepting ourselves. We all experience this classroom of life a little differently. We will get the lessons necessary for our individual journey. When we accept that we start growing exponentially.

Once we get to the point we start projecting acceptance our reality shifts, our service to and for others shifts, and our appreciation of self-care shifts. We don’t feel the need to be right all the time. We accept that there are multiple ways to look at a situation. WE GAIN PERSPECTIVE!

We are responsible for the views, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts that live inside ourselves. We aren’t accountable for what someone’s else’s are. When we stop trying to force (fear) our way, we actually give people the opportunity to look at how we are living our lives and we can share our experiences in regards to what our views, beliefs, feelings, and thoughts have done for us. We begin to share our lives from a loving place. Others will feel empowered to make the choice of how to live for themselves. If something resonates, they will be drawn to us more, if it doesn’t, they will distance themselves. Whatever happens, accept what is and trust the process.

Just for Today

Look at how you are projecting acceptance. Have you accepted your past, the present, and the unknown? What can you do today to help you feel and project acceptance today? Try it! If it doesn’t work for you, try something else. You can also test your level of acceptance by watching the news. Just try looking at the stories from a perspective of acceptance. I’m not asking you to believe them, just see the options in other ways to look at a situation.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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