90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 28 -Giving Myself Away

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part I: A Journey of Awareness

What Holds Us Back: The Unstable Foundation

Day 28: Giving Myself Away

Dear Self,

I recognize that I’ve chosen to give myself away in a variety of way. I do for others when they are perfectly capable of doing for themselves. Instead of investing time in my own self-care, I’m over in someone else’s life getting resentful because I’m taking care of them more than I’m taking care of me. I give people higher priority in my life than I do myself. I give until I’m depleted and bare, then I blame people for taking what I give. Nobody put a gun to my head and told me what I had to give. I made the choice to give myself away. I can’t blame anybody else for my choices.

I can’t blame others for not appreciating me when I don’t appreciate myself. My actions tell them and me that I’m not as important to this life as they are. It’s not true. I am important and I can’t depend on others to show me that I matter. I have to matter to me. I have to actually follow the advice I give others about taking care of themselves. No one else can force me to make time to take care of me. Just like I can’t force anybody else to take care of themselves.

Today, I commit to taking better care of me. My time is valuable, and I make time for what holds value to me. I will make time for me. I will invest in becoming the best version of me so that when I do serve others, I’m doing it for the right reasons. I will feel full instead of depleted because I put the oxygen mask on myself first. I have to focus on  how to show up for my life if I want to change what is happening inside and around me. I can’t spread peace if I don’t have peace inside me.

I’m ready to become aware of when I’m giving beyond what is good for me. I’m ready to be aware when I’m not taking care of myself by focusing so much on doing for others. I’m ready to see when I start getting resentful and blaming others for the choices I’m making. I’m ready to be accountable for my feeling, thoughts, actions, and reactions without blaming myself either.

I’m so grateful I learned how to get myself out of the trap I created for me. I’m grateful that I can see a healthier path. I’m so grateful that I learned that I got myself into this by having unhealthy thought, belief, and behavior patterns that weren’t working for me, and the knowledge and power to know that changing them is my choice.

With Love and Gratitude,

A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

Did you read today’s companion piece? 90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 28 – Giving Ourselves Away

Are you new to the 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series and the 90-Day A Better Me Series? If you liked what you read today, I encourage you to explore the rest of the series. These two series work together to help us transform our lives so that our feelings, thoughts, actions and reactions are aligned with the life we actually WANT to be living.

Each daily installment has a topic that is covered in the 90-Day A Better Me Series, and a letter in the 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series. I’m simply here to give others seeds to plant, save, or throw away. How you use the seed is your choice. For me, the seeds developed into a rich inner life (beautiful garden), which has manifested an outer life that I’m so grateful for. I still have to pick some weeds, but my garden is not overrun with them anymore.

Enjoy your journey!

Thank you for reading!

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