90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 51 – Committing to See My Worth

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 51: Committing to See My Worth

Dear Self,

I’m no longer going to focus on what I’m not. My focus is now on the person I am right now. I commit to looking for ways to improve my connection with the one person who will not leave my side during this lifetime—ME! My relationship with myself deserves my attention. I know that others will reflect back to me how I treat myself. My self-worth is crucial for how I want to serve the planet. My positive self-worth will help keep me centered when others try to sway me, when things don’t work out as I thought they would, when life lessons present themselves, and when I’m faced with my own darkness.

I’m committed to pay attention to how I’m talking to myself, how I’m treating myself, and how I’m taking care of myself. I’m committed to seeing that I’m valuable, important, and worthy of living the best life possible.  I’m committed to seeing things about myself to be grateful for. Here we go:

  1. I’m grateful for my willingness to try new things
  2. I’m grateful for my ability to look at myself with compassion
  3. I’m grateful for my dedication to being the best version of me
  4. I’m grateful for my openness look deeper
  5. I’m grateful for my passion to live whole-heartedly

I know I’m worthy of this life. I will make sure I treat myself that way!

With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019


Thank you for reading! Are you ready to come on this journey with me? Keep reading and transforming! Did you read today’s companion piece? 90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 51 – The Strong Foundation of Self-Worth

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