90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 33 – Converting Messages of Fear into Messages of Love

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

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Day 33: Converting Messages of Fear into Messages of Love

Dear Self,

I’ve become aware of how I’m spreading messages of fear. For a long time I felt like my fear was me showing love. I also thought me spreading fear was justifiable in certain situations.  Now, I understand that it’s not. Fear is an energy that puts darkness into my life by spreading it.

The first thoughts I need to convert into love are those thoughts I have about myself. I am good enough exactly the way I am. My mistakes are my opportunities to learn, become stronger, wiser, and braver. I don’t waste time on people, I learn from them. I don’t have to make others feel small for their darkness; I can just shine my light brightly and keep myself in the energy that makes me feel good.

I don’t have to be hurt by someone else’s choices; I can choose to send love to them, while doing what I need to do to take care of me. Me becoming apart of their darkness just makes me hurt me more. I don’t HAVE to do that— It’s a choice. I don’t have point my finger at the politicians who are living life in the dark. I can make choices in my community to help contribute to living life a different way.

I don’t have to choose any thought process that makes me a victim of someone else’s feelings, thoughts, words, actions, and/or reactions. I can choose to see every situation as a learning opportunity on how to shine light on the dark without compromising my own light. I can choose to spread love even in the darkest places.

I don’t have to fear violence, and keep manifesting more. I can look at violence through eyes of love and send love and compassion into the violence that comes from fear. I can see that violence is people feeling trapped in the dark. Some are fighting to get out and others may be fighting to stay in it. Some people may feel so comfortable in the dark because it is all that they know. I can choose to feel compassion.

I don’t have to see narcissists as a threat, which feeds the darkness inside of me. I can be conscious to see when they are trying to poke at my dark and expose them to light instead. If they try to get me feed blame, shame, and judgment cycles, I can share my love and compassion for the people they are blaming, shaming, and/or judging, even if that person is me. I can let them know that they are welcome to their opinion, but that I don’t share the same one. I can choose to walk away without sending them thoughts of vengeance and hate, which only makes their darkness stronger and my darkness run deeper. I can choose to walk away feeling a strong and bright love that is grateful for the lessons the exchange taught me. I don’t have to blame narcissists for being the way they are, I can gain the knowledge and understanding that proves they can’t help it. What they have is brain damage, and I can feel compassion and empathy, because I couldn’t imagine a life without being able to give and accept authentic love.

I can choose to convert any messages of fear into messages of love. All I have to do is step back and look at the situation with a little bit of perspective. I just have to know that my interpretation of people, places, things, and events is a choice I make. There is ALWAYS opportunity to see through the eyes of love. I just have to make the choice to do it. Nothing else has to change in order for me to interpret situations differently—The power is in my hands.


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019


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