90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 35 – Embracing Love on My Spiritual Journey

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 35: Embracing Love on My Spiritual Journey

Dear Divine Creator Source of ALL Love,

I’m so incredibly grateful for your love. I’m grateful for the path you have set before me to give and receive lessons of love, and learn about the power I can choose to give fear or not. Some of my lessons of love have been those defined as miracles and blessings. Some of my lessons about find love through fear have been long and challenging, but in the end every experience I’ve had on this journey is worth it because it has brought me closer to you.

Each day I find new ways to not feed the darkness inside of me. I find new ways to shine my light bigger and brighter. I finally understand that you aren’t judging me for not being perfect. You give me space to learn and grow. When I love more, you bring more love into my life. When I fear more, you bring me more lessons of fear to learn from. Each time I embrace love, I’m connecting to you.

I’ve seen how fear takes me away from you, so I choose to work through my fears with a loving heart to connect to you daily. When I serve others with love, I feel so incredibly energized by your love flowing through every molecule in my body.  When I serve in fear, I distance myself from you. I feel judgment, resentment, anger, fear, blame, and shame boil up inside of me. I feel blocked from feeling your love when I’m there. I get easily lost and frustrated when I’m far from you.  I’m so grateful I get opportunities to learn.

Thank you for showing me that your light shines within me at ALL times. I just have to choose to embrace love on my spiritual journey and I see the magnificence of your all-encompassing love. Thank you for teaching me the difference between love and fear. I’m ready to  fully embrace love on my spiritual journey!


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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