90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 41 – Letting Go of My Inner Victim

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90-Day A Better Me Series

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Day 41: Letting Go of My Inner Victim

Dear Self,

The victim role I’ve believed in for many years is no longer serving the life I want to be living. I’m tired of blaming myself and others for the way my life is. My life is the way it is because how I’ve chosen to live it. I’m taking responsibility for my life today. The choices I make right now matter. If I want better, I need to do things differently. I have no need to hold on to my inner victim anymore. I’m strong, courageous, and worthy of love. If I’m not receiving love from others, it is my responsibility to be giving it to myself. When I love myself, I make better choices  and  my boundaries are set a healthy limits to protect my light from other people’s darkness.

My life is what I make of it and today my life is something to be grateful for. Every breath I take contributes to a chance to make my life better. I’m choosing to shine my light and get out of the dark corner my victimhood kept me in. I’m so incredibly grateful for what I learned from living life in the victim role. I gave my power away over and over. Now, I see that I can choose differently. I choose to take my power back. I choose to take my life back from all the people and events that I was once felt victimized by. I realized by living in the victim role, I made myself a victim of non-traumatic events that weren’t even about me. My perspective told me I was a victim and it affected every aspect of my life for the worse.

I’m choosing to live free of the fears that once paralyzed my emotional well-being. I’m choosing to live free of the fears that once caused me to feel unworthy and unlovable. I’m choosing to be grateful for all the lessons I received from my traumatic past. I’m choosing to be grateful that the events that hurt me didn’t kill me. They gave me a chance to live differently. I’m choosing to let the light of love guide my life and be my best self. I’m letting go of my inner victim. The person who has been hardest on her over anyone else is me. I’m committing to be loving and compassionate to the person I am. I choosing to hold her hand through her darkness to shine light where there hasn’t been any.

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to start fresh today. When someone makes the choice to lie to me or take advantage of me that is their choice, their Karma, their darkness, and their business. I’m not going to let someone else’s darkness affect my light. I’m not responsible for what someone else puts out in the world. I’m responsible for what I put out. I’m going to do my best to shine my light on every situation I can. If my darkness presents itself, I’m going to take responsibility for it because no one can make me feel, think, act, or react. I have choices even when I’m faced with someone else’s or my own insecurities, anger, resentment, contempt, fear, shame, blame, and judgment. I have the opportunity to step back and let love or fear guide me through my responses. I will either feel the personal benefits of my choice to shine light or feel the consequences on letting someone else’s or my own darkness influence my choices. They will become lessons for me to learn from. In the end, as long as I take responsibility for me, the inspiration and appreciation for the light and the lesson from the dark all are blessings.


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019


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