90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 71 -Living Gratitude In My Daily Life

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 71: Living Gratitude In My Daily Life

Dear Universe,

Living gratitude is my way of saying I trust the path that is being lit up for me. I trust that by making the choices that I do, I’m honoring my Creator, my journey, and myself. I’m grateful for this life and all the lessons I’m here to learn, teach, absorb, and grow from.

Today I’m Grateful

  1. I’m grateful to my Creator for allowing me to wake this morning to live this day.
  2. I’m grateful to be able to pray for those I love.
  3. I’m grateful for the air I’m able to inhale and exhale in every second of everyday.
  4. I’m grateful for being able to open my eyes and see what’s around me.
  5. I’m grateful for the way my body feels during my first morning stretch.
  6. I’m grateful for an alarm clock that wakes me up, so that I can be apart of getting my children off to school.
  7. I’m grateful for the quiet moments on my morning walk with my dog.
  8. I’m grateful for the smells of Hazelnut coming from my morning coffee.
  9. I’m grateful for my kids running around because it means they are healthy enough to be getting off to school.
  10. I’m grateful that my kids get ready in enough time to make their bus.
  11. I’m grateful for the quiet time I have to read and write on a regular basis.
  12. I’m grateful I have lots of supportive people around me so that I have the time to write everyday.
  13. I’m grateful for a loving and generous partner who helps me to experience love each day.
  14. I’m grateful to have friends to celebrate and support each other’s journeys.
  15. I’m grateful for a family who knows how to show love in beautiful ways.
  16. I’m grateful for the love and support that surrounds my kids and I so that our environment stays a healthy place.
  17. I’m grateful for all the times relationships failed because it led me to appreciate the AMAZING relationships in my life today.
  18. I’m grateful for that person who cut me off because he showed me what an aware driver I am.
  19. I’m grateful to that woman who blamed me for her choices, because it showed me how much I’ve grown in the choices I make.
  20. I’m grateful to the cashier who caught the error in pricing.
  21. I’m grateful to my daughter for seeing the person behind us needed help lifting something at check-out and without question, she assisted.
  22. I’m grateful to see the kindness of strangers interacting together.
  23. I’m grateful I had the opportunity to be in the check-out line of the cashier who was having a bad day so that I could give her a smile and some kind words.
  24. I’m grateful for the person who flicked me off as I crossed the street because I feel blessed not to live that kind of angry life.
  25. I’m grateful for the person going so slow in front of me because it got me to see that I was moving too fast without thinking.
  26. I’m grateful for my kids coming home arguing because I they are home safe and sound.
  27. I’m grateful for my teenage son who still gives me hugs and hangs out with me.
  28. I’m grateful for my kids active social lives because I can see they are enjoying life.
  29. I’m grateful for having dinner at home with my children a minimum of five nights a week.
  30. I’m grateful for some of the wild conversations about teenage life.
  31. I’m grateful I grew through my teenage life to be where I am now.
  32. I’m grateful for the men who violated me because it helps me to teach my daughter ways to protect herself to the best of her ability.
  33. I’m grateful I know how important self-worth is so that I can give my children seeds as they move through their teenage years.
  34. I’m grateful for when I let my children’s behavior trigger old feelings, so they can come up to heal.
  35. I’m grateful for beautiful sunsets
  36. I’m grateful for the opportunity to see the birds flying in for the night to rest
  37. I’m grateful for water to hydrate myself with throughout the day.
  38. I’m grateful for new and different foods to eat and taste.
  39. I’m grateful that I have a kitchen to cook in.
  40. I’m grateful to my Creator for letting me this day.
  41. I’m grateful for the lessons I learned.
  42. I’m so happy and grateful for my opportunities to spread love.
  43. I’m so happy and grateful for the lives I touched and the ones who touched mine.
  44. I’m grateful for my AMAZING family who I learn and grow with everyday.
  45. I’m grateful for a day well lived.

It makes me feel so uplifted when I can show up with love even in the face of people who are filled with their own darkness. I love the feeling of shining a little light on someone’s dark day. I see the effects when I’m walking through a store and I have positive exchanges with people behind the counter, then the people around are more open to get into the fun and walk around the store with a smile on their face when I see them later. The energy just moves in such a beautiful way. I notice I’m more open to say hello and be patient with others if I make my exchanges pleasant. I love how the contagious energy grows and expands.

I love how when I’m standing in a long line and I engage in conversations with the people around me, time flies and even if I leave the store later than I thought, I’m happy about the time I got to enjoy with strangers.

Living gratitude fills me up to the point that I feel like I’m giving to others from a full tank. I’m so grateful to experience this life through the lens of gratitude.


With Love and Gratitude,
A Better Me


Rachael  Wolff ©2019

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5 responses to “90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 71 -Living Gratitude In My Daily Life”

  1. I want to take the time and thank you for all this 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series, I’m grateful for all these words I’m reading and they’re changing my perspective and my attitude! Thank you so much, I would love to have them all to be able to re-read and share as well
    You are very inspiring and your posts should reach more people!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m so happy to hear they are working in your life! Please feel free to share away 💜. They are all available and will remain available on the FromALovingPlace.com site. You can find them all easily in Categories. The only reason I would have to take them down is if the series gets converted into a book. Thank you again for sticking with the series the whole way through! 💜💜💜

      Liked by 1 person

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