90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 86 – Consciously Projecting Love Through My Actions

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90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 86: Consciously Projecting Love Through My Actions

Dear Universe,

When I got the tools to be conscious in my feelings, thoughts, and actions my world changed. My life changed when I knew that I was responsible for what I was projecting out to the world. Any feeling I feed takes on a life and an energy that emanates from me. I started asking myself what exactly do I want to be projecting? The answer—LOVE!

Once I answered that question, lesson after lesson came for me to see where I was feeding love and where I was feeding fear. Being conscious is such an amazing gift. When I know I’m feeding fear, and I’m willing to look at it and question it, I take away fears power over me. My light shines on my own darkness. This makes it possible to consciously project love through my actions.

When I hug someone, I’m really hugging her/him with all the light inside me. If I don’t feel comfortable hugging someone, I don’t hug them. When I’m listening to someone, I do my best to stay present with them so that they know that I’m fully there. When I pray for someone, I put all my love and light into the prayer and I don’t pray to get my own way. I remind myself of my straw-holed view of the whole picture. When I volunteer my time, I give my time completely so that the cause I’m supporting gets the best parts of me. When I put dinner on the table, I show up fully and disconnected from any and all technology. When I agree to work with people, they get my full dedication to the process of transformation. I love what I have to offer the world through my actions when they are projections of love.

I love my relationships since I started taking responsibility for only my energy. This way, I know when I need to apologize and I know when I give love authentically. If I’m not, I can question my feelings, thoughts, and actions to bring me back to love. It’s an AMAZING blessing to have these tools.

It’s my intention to project love through my actions on a daily basis. It is my responsibility to check-in and care for myself so that I’m consciously making choices. I’m so incredibly grateful for the tools to do what I love naturally. I’m guided to all the right places when my energy is aligned with the light within me.

Today I’m Grateful

  1. I’m grateful that I can choose to be conscious of my choices
  2. I’m grateful that I’m empowered to take loving action
  3. I’m grateful that each minute I get a choice of how I want to live it.
  4. I’m grateful that I have people around me who project love.
  5. I’m grateful to know I can choose love no matter what another person chooses.

With Love and Gratitude,

A Better Me

Rachael Wolff ©2019

Today’s companion piece: 90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 86 – Consciously Projecting Love Through Action

90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 86 -Consciously Projecting Love Through Action

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 86: Consciously Projecting Love Through Action

“Nothing will work unless you do.”

-Maya Angelou

When we are aligned with the love within ourselves, we project love consciously. We don’t try to project love. We don’t try to project joy. We don’t try to project hope. WE DO IT naturally! We are projecting out our authentic selves and we are conscious of it. We are led to ways to act out the love we are projecting. One of the Phrases I use in my life is that I’m God led. People will call it all kinds of different things. What we choose to call this energy is our unique connection to it. It will not look the same for everyone. It doesn’t have to.

What is important is that we trust that the love flowing through us will lead us to truly LIVING our best life. Consciously projecting love through action is our gift to the world. When we open up to see the love within ourselves, we see the love the within others. We project it, which manifests more of it in the world, and then it is attracted back to us. We know longer close our minds to other ways of seeing love in action. If we are blocking ourselves from seeing love through eyes that don’t look the same as ours, we are still not going to experience the full power of the Divine love that is flowing through us. The energy that connects us beyond any difference in color, belief, culture, and/or lifestyle—LOVE!

“Love is action. It’s clear, it’s kind, it’s effortless, and it’s irresistible.”

-Byron Katie

Consciously projecting love through action is a dedication to remain open to see love and project love. Someone else can hate who we are and what we represent. We are still able to project love. Someone else’s darkness and/or toxic energy can only affect us if we let it. If we choose to dim or turn off our light switch is up to us. The key is to remain conscious as much as we possible can. We have the tools. We just have to use them.

For a long time I searched for the path, but the truth is we are on the path. We just have to consciously walk it. When we walk it consciously we see our opportunities to project love through our actions. It may be as simple as a hug, conversation, and/or giving conscious time to another person. It also can be the causes we stand for and what we do to represent them from a loving place. Each small act we do to project love matters.

5 Ways to Project Love through Action

  1. To be conscious you must be present. If we aren’t present, we can confuse projecting love with projecting fear. If our inner people pleaser comes out—Fear. If we serve because we are thinking of the consequence of not serving—Fear. When you are present you are conscious enough to question your thoughts. You know when something feels right to do and when it doesn’t.
  2. Use your tools to center yourself. Prayer, meditation, breathing, stretching, etc., whatever you’ve found to help you stay in your light—Be there.
  3. Stay in the journey. Keep your head in the journey, not the destination. Each step you take is important to your journey. If your head isn’t where your feet are walking you can lose your footing, trip, fall, and/or get lost. When you are lost you have to do the work to get back on your path within you before you can get back to projecting love out.
  4. Make sure your words and actions are aligned. You can only project love through action if you are aligned.
  5. ACT! Give what you are led to give! Do what you are led to do! Project your love into actions that will inspire others to open up to the love within them. Remember, you can’t make someone plant the seeds you give her/him. Our gift is to give it. If a person is too lost in her/his darkness that person may not be ready to plant it. That is apart of their journey. Some people will need lesson after lesson before they are willing to see the love that someone offers them. If they can’t spot it in themselves, they won’t be able to see it in you. Don’t let it stop you. You don’t have to be in someone’s life to perform a loving act. A prayer has more power than you can possibly imagine. If you start feeling the urge to get your head (Internal home) fearing them or for them, pray (love) instead.

We can encourage people to act through love or we can encourage people to act through fear. Which one will you choose? Whatever one you are projecting is the one you have chosen. When we are conscious we choose wisely. When we are taking care of ourselves, we choose love naturally. When we are neglecting ourselves, we unconsciously choose fear.

If we fuel or excuse another person’s acts of fear, hatred, bigotry, entitlement, abuse, bullying, name-calling, harassment, revenge, vengeance, and neglect— We are projecting fear through our actions and/or inactions. This doesn’t mean we go to war. This means we stay true to the love within ourselves to counteract all the fear with acts of love in our feelings, thoughts, perspectives of truth, actions, reactions, and responses.

Most of us will not do this perfectly. I know I sometimes can be triggered to choose fear first and that’s okay as long as we allow ourselves to learn from our reactions, we have the ability to turn the fear into love. Beating ourselves up about it won’t get us to back to projecting love faster, compassion and empathy for ourselves does. Choose wisely!


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

Today’s Letter from A Better Me: 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 86 – Consciously Projecting Love Through My Actions