90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 46 – Finding Perspectives of Truth to Empower Our Lives

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 46: Finding Perspectives of Truth to Empower Our Lives

“It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”

-Henry David Thoreau

There are some perspectives of truth that tell people that wanting is a bad thing. It all depends on the energy that we are putting into the want. If we are looking for external things to fix internal holes, yes wanting would be counterproductive. We have to internally fix the holes before we are going to attract things that contribute to the peace, joy, love, and fulfillment that we already have inside. No external thing/person will fill an internal hole.  Perspectives of truth led by fear create holes. Perspectives of truth led by love create internal fulfillment. Many religious books say this just in a different way. We can only give and receive what we already have inside us. What do you want to be giving and receiving to/from the world?

Day 45, we looked at the releasing perspectives of truth that aren’t serving the lives we want. If we say we want love, we can’t be projecting fear of the very love we want. We can’t be afraid to love ourselves. If we treat ourselves like we have no value, then that’s what we are projecting. We manifest people in our lives that show us the way we treat ourselves. Perspectives that come from fear, set us up to put the responsibility of how we live our lives out into the world. Perspectives that come from love empower us with the responsibility of how we choose to live our lives. First we need to physically look at the perspectives of truth that aren’t serving us. If you REALLY want to see change in your life, start with Day 45’s exercise. More perspectives that don’t serve up will come up throughout the rest of our lives. We simply take them as they come. The more aware we are, the more empowering this experience becomes.

I actually just got faced with someone else’s perspectives of truth led by fear and watched how they effected one’s I was still was holding onto. Transitioning my perspective was so much easier for me since I am in the middle of this series, and I could transmute my fearful reactions into loving and compassionate energy. I realized I didn’t have to take on someone else’s negativity in the situation. I didn’t have to embrace their perspective of truth. When I got into a healthier space within me, my thoughts shifted and I could see beautiful possibilities. I used to hold onto stuff like this for MONTHS, sometimes even YEARS. I would blame the other person for bringing me into their negative spiral, but now, I started processing the situation after the first exchange. To me that is a MIRACLE! That’s how fast we can shift once we get the hang of this.


I see our choices of perspectives of truth as the garden we create in our minds. I choose what seeds I’m going to plant. I decide how to treat the soil. I figure out the way I want to water my garden. I choose which weeds I want to pull. I determine how much light each flower, plant, vine, bush, or tree needs. I choose the space between each life form to support their growth. Other people can give me seeds to flowers, plants, trees, weeds, smuggling vines, invasive species, fertilizers, etc. I get to choose whether to plant or use them. If it doesn’t fit into the garden I’m creating, I can put it in my pocket to possibly plant later, or get rid of it completely. The choice is MINE and MINE ALONE!

I’ve learned not to attempt to destroy someone else’s garden, because I’m not a fan of the one they created. I won’t choose to put those particular seeds in my garden. I may find a plant in their garden I love. I may offer them a seed from mine, but I don’t have to take it personally if they don’t choose to take it. Taking what other people choose to do personally is an invasive species we add to our garden. We are giving that species the power to take over our gardens and it’s a seed we CHOSE to take. A person might have forced (violence) a seed into our hands, but only we can CHOOSE what we are going to do with it.

That is part of the AMAZING blessings on this journey. We are creating our own scene. We are just getting ideas from others about what works and what doesn’t work in our gardens. We choose the landscape of our lives. We may choose seeds we think are going to work because we like the looks of the flower in someone else’s garden, but when we add them to ours, it just doesn’t work. That’s ok. It’s just not a fit for now, it might be later, or it might never be. Just trust, what works for right now.

If this inspires you to garden, DO IT! If this inspires you to get creative and make a collage, draw a picture, paint, or take photos of the life you would want in your garden, DO IT! If you are feeling inspired to clean your house, room, drawers, cabinets, DO IT! Doing these physically things is helping you to clean up your inside. Trust whatever comes to you. This may seem like a little too much information, but your body will also physically release toxic waste that is not serving it too. Some people can get similar feelings like a detox would give as their internal world starts cleaning itself up and filling in the holes that fear created.

In order to create a beautiful garden of our own choosing, we need to start filling in the holes in our foundation that were created by fear. We have to replace the old perspectives of truth that didn’t serve us with ones that will help us create the garden of our dreams.

Below are a few perspectives of truth (beliefs) I borrowed from my 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp. My favorite week of boot camp is watching people choose new perspectives of truth.  It’s really is an AMAZING blessing to watch someone’s transformation process. Tears are piling up in my eyes just thinking about it. I hope these give you some ideas on how to work with replacing some of your old belief systems.

If our perspective of truth is I am unlovable. I’m not worthy of being loved.

Some different perspectives could be:

  • I am lovable.
  • I love me.
  • I’ve been writing lists of plenty of things I love about me.
  • I am absolutely lovable.
  • I do experience love from family and friends.
  • People show me they love me regularly.
  • I’m working on loving me.
  • Loving myself is how I give myself value.
  • By loving myself I allow myself to give and receive love freely to/ from other others.


If our perspective of truth is my body isn’t good enough!

Some different perspectives could be:

  • I have all my limbs, I’m happy about that!
  • I love the food I get to eat by having this body!
  • I take care of my body.
  • My body is healthy.
  • My body gets me from point A to point Z
  • I like that my body shows I’ve lived and had kids.
  • I’m grateful my body is strong.
  • My body is exactly what it’s supposed to be in this moment.
  • My body has lessons to teach me about how I take care of myself.
  • My body is my vessel for this life and it how I care for it is showing me how much I value it.


If our perspective of truth is I AM SO SELFISH!

Some different perspectives could be:

  • I care a lot for others
  • I take care of myself.
  • My self-care is important.
  • I do great things for others by taking care of myself.
  • I’m happy I get some time to focus on me.
  • I’m worthy of my own time.
  • The healthier my garden is, the healthier the seeds I’m giving to others.


If our perspective of truth is I’m a God fearing person or I have to fear God(Day 6)

Some different perspectives could be:

  • I choose to do good things for others because God’s love is inside of me
  • I choose to love myself because I’m creating in God’s loving image, so by treating myself with love, nurturing, and respect, I’m honoring the work God did in creating me.
  • I love God, so I choose loving actions to show my gratitude for God’s love.
  • When I love myself and others, I’m honoring God’s love for the world.
  • When I choose to love, I’m choosing to connect with God.

Just for Today

Get out your work from yesterday and fill in your pages with other possible perspectives. If one resonates with you put a star next to it and make a sign for yourself as a reminder of this new thought. Use it, write it, repeat it, and talk about it. Your making sure your garden has the healthiest land to grow on. Take care of this new perspective to help it make the beauty of your garden grow and expand.

I really hope those who truly want change dive into this part of the journey because the gifts that come with the transformation are truly AMAZING!!!

With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019


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Have a transformative day!







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