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What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 49: Celebrating Gratitude in My Relationships

Dear Self,

I’m so filled with gratitude for ALL the amazing relationships in my life currently and the ones from my past that helped me to appreciate what I have now. I really want to spend my time today celebrating gratitude in my relationships.

My Children

I’m grateful for my children because I learn so much about life from seeing it from their angle. I’m grateful for the moments I get to share love, joy, pain, and sadness with them. I’m happy and grateful each time I get to hear them laugh. I’m grateful for learning about my own dark spots through my expectations of them. I get SO many opportunities to get real with myself and my feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions with my exchanges with them. I’m so grateful for the ample opportunities to show love and be loved to/by them. I’m so incredibly grateful for them as teachers and as students. I feel blessed to get the opportunity to grow together. I’m grateful for each day I get to be apart of their journeys and that they get to be apart of mine. I’m grateful for all the lessons about the differences in teaching them love and fear. I’m grateful for their open minds to explore opportunities to see different perspectives of truth. I’m grateful when I get the opportunities to break unhealthy behavior/thought patterns that came from old perspectives of truth I once believed in.

My Partner

I’m happy and grateful I’ve found a partner where we can understand and appreciate each other’s separate lifestyles. I’m so grateful to have a partner where I can be myself, do what I love, and enjoy my life when he is apart of it and when he’s not. I’m so grateful to be able to trust our love for each other. I’m grateful to get to celebrate the days we get to spend quality time together. I’m grateful for the space to get quality time with others. I’m so beyond grateful for our opportunities to disagree so that we can learn more about each other. I’m grateful for the times we  connect through our differences as well as our likenesses. I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to see things a different way as a reminder that it’s not about being right, it’s about what works for each of us. I’m grateful for seeing him as he is instead of as I think he should be, because that keeps me being responsible for me and I’m BEYOND grateful for those lessons. I’m grateful for the opportunities I get to give to him from a loving place. I’m so grateful to watch our love for each other grow and flourish because of our mutual respect and love for each other. I’m grateful for the opportunities to see when I’m choosing fear instead of love. I’m grateful for the feelings I get every time I choose love.

Enjoying My Happily Ever Now

My Past Romantic Partners

I’m grateful to have learned from you, which helped me to uncover the strength and the beauty of the person I am today. I’m grateful to be able to see my part in the successes and failures. I’m grateful to learn how I needed to start treating myself so that I didn’t project and attract relationships that I REALLY don’t want. I’m grateful that I learned to be healthy even in the midst of someone else’s darkness. I’m grateful for the opportunities to see how my own darkness worked against the person I truly wanted to be. I’m so grateful to be able to see the differences between love and fear. I’m grateful that being in in the dark showed me how much I wanted to be in the light.

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How I Grew From My Toxic Relationships

Mom & Dad

I’m grateful for the lessons I learned from growing up with an understanding of your perspectives of truth. I’m grateful for the opportunities to grow and expand from the perspectives I choose for myself and the power I have to stop the patterns in my life from perspectives of truth that don’t serve me. I’m so grateful for the opportunity to watch you learn and grow from your mistakes, because it taught me compassion and patience for myself and others as we work to be and do better. I’m grateful to see how living in a relationship based on fear wasn’t healthy for anybody involved. I’m grateful to see you both found relationships where love was/is the driving force. Seeing you both take different paths and move on differently showed me the importance being true to myself. I’m so grateful for the valuable lesson that just because something works for someone else doesn’t mean it’s what is right for me. I’m so happy and grateful to have felt the love you were/are capable of giving and to watch that amount grow and expand. I’m so happy and grateful to love each of you for the individuals you are. I’m grateful for the continued growth in our relationships as individuals. I’m so grateful you were/are willing to see me and support me to choose my path. I’m grateful for all the times your darkness pushed me to be better for me. I’m grateful for the times your light helped me shine my light brighter. I’m so grateful for being the person I am because of the lessons I learned from being your child.

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Family Members

I’m so grateful for the opportunities I get to show you my love. I’m grateful for ability to see the different spiritual paths, perspectives, talents, challenges, triumphs, and failures and watch how love truly conquers them all. I’m so happy and grateful for each day I get with you whether to connect in spirit or a physical sense. I’m grateful for all the opportunities I’ve got to hear others perspectives of truth and know that I get to believe the ones I choose. I’m grateful for the lessons that I learned from your fears and your love. I’m grateful for the laughter that can still make me laugh years later. I’m so grateful for our connections through our love, pain, joy, tears, fear, and perspectives of truth. I’m so incredibly grateful to watch you travel your paths. I’m grateful for the ways we’ve connected at different points on our own paths that have strengthened our bond in the relationship we have now. I’m grateful to have seen you grow and change because it reminds me that I can too.


I’m so happy and grateful for all the friends who have come and gone throughout my life. Each of you hold a special place in my heart. I’m grateful for the friends of my youth for showing me the person I wanted to be. I’m grateful for lessons about how my perspective helps and/or hurts my relationships. I’m grateful for the opportunities to forgive and be forgiven for not handling things perfectly. I’m grateful for the connections we made as individuals and as a group. I’m grateful to learn that it is healthy and important to honor and appreciate each individual friend. I’m so grateful to continue to be friends with many friends from my youth and see how each of us has grown on our own individual journeys.

I’m grateful for the friends who came into my life in my different stages. Some of you have stayed close, some of you took paths far from mine, and others are still around but at a distance. Each friendship is serving or has served a special purpose in my life and on my journey, and I’m SO grateful for that. I’m so grateful to get to live, laugh, and love with each of you. I’m grateful to see and go through different times and circumstances highlighting dark spots I need to work on. Most of all I’m SO incredibly grateful for the times we get to celebrate our light that we see in each other. I’m so grateful for the friends who show me the dark parts of myself that I still feed. I’m grateful for the friends who point out when my fears have taken over. I’m overwhelmingly grateful to the friends who help lead me back to the light.

I’m honoring each tear as it rolls down my face right now because each one represents an overwhelming amount of love and appreciation. I am filled with so much love that I can feel it in my pores. I’m so honored to be apart of so many journeys. I’m grateful for the opportunities to love and be loved. I’m so grateful for each opportunity that guides me closer to being the best version of me, so that I can love bigger and better with every passing day.


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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