90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 69 – Taking Care of My Body

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 69: Taking Care of My Body

Dear Body,

I’m so grateful for this journey you have taken me on. Without you, I wouldn’t be here. I know there are times I don’t give you the time and energy that you deserve. Those are the times when I do not love myself enough to see how hard you work for me. Those are the times that I’m not living consciously and recognizing that you are my lifetime partner in all of this. I’m sorry for that, and I’m grateful that I can live another day to let you know how grateful I truly am.

I’m so incredibly grateful for the use of ALL my senses. When I remember to consciously use them, I appreciate each moment so much more. I live life instead of life living me. I can appreciate any moment when I engage in the enjoyment of my senses. When I love myself and appreciate my journey, my senses seem to pick up on things to make each moment even better.

I’m so grateful for your signals that tell me what you need. When I’m not numbing myself, I listen and you tell me how much is good to eat and what flavors I’m craving. There is usually some form of nutrition, but not all the time. Sometimes a bite is about bringing pleasure to my senses. It’s like you are telling me to embrace the moment.

I’m so grateful every time I feel air expanding inside my lungs and feeding my body the oxygen it needs. I appreciate you every time I’m conscious of my breathing. I’ve been given the gift of life with every breath I’m blessed enough to take.

I’m so grateful for the times where I hear you telling me to rest, and I do because that is what I need to do to be at my best. When I don’t listen to you, I pay the price in everything I do and how I move through my day.

I’m so grateful for my ability to see colors in all their glorious wonder. The magic of art, life forms, and nature come alive as I take time to see the beauty, texture, and depth. My life is filled with wonder because your determination to let me see.

I’m so incredibly grateful for my shape and my features because they teach me so much about accepting myself and others. I learn so much by appreciating what I you are instead of focusing on what you aren’t. You are exactly the way you are supposed to be in this moment. You look exactly how you are meant to look to help me become the person I want to be. You give me lessons in love, compassion, empathy, faith, strength, resilience, determination, and courage all because you are exactly how you are meant to be.

When I stretch my limbs, take a breath, hydrate, nourish, rest, and take care of you, I’m showing love, not only myself, but to the Creator of this vessel. I’m seeing through the eyes of the Divine when I love and honor this beautiful creation.

When I love and honor the beautiful creation that I am, I’m open to love and honor creations outside of myself with my full capability. Body, I love that you were the vessel chosen for me. I love that my connection to you helps me to connect with others and life itself. I’m so grateful for each moment I get with you on this journey.


With Love and Gratitude,

A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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