Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #30

I’ve been doing this challenge for 30 days!!! I’m blown away by the amount of clarity I feel, which is perfect for me going into the next month of new experiences on my schedule. I have to say, I’m blown away by all the things that have been manifesting in my life with my energy fully aligned. I feel tears of joy welling up right now. I was talking to someone earlier about the number of people giving their power away to the energy of fear, lack, and separation right now. The thing that is sad to me is that so many people don’t see it. They know they don’t feel good. They know they don’t like the chaos in their lives, but they refuse to claim their power. The energy of love, abundance, and peace energizes us within, AND it helps to light the stark for others to feel energized too.

Today, I’m grateful for my spiritual practices that bring me peace. I’m beyond grateful to have so many tools to shift me from fear, lack, and separation to love, abundance, and peace. I didn’t even know how many tools I truly had until I started doing this daily practice. I’m overwhelmed by the connection I feel to the Universe. My spiritual practices include prayer, reading, meditation writing, meditations, and God led connections. I’m amazed where I’m led the more I use my spiritual practices to connect daily. I’ve noticed so many improvements in my everyday life from connecting more with the ultimate source of love. Tapping into this authentic energy has created space to see the bigger picture to KNOW in the deepest part of me that it is so important that I need to stay connected to the energy that I want to see more of in the world. My actions are driven by purpose and it’s because of my daily spiritual practices I do to be in a place of peace.

Today, I commit to FULLY engaging in a spiritual practice that brings me peace. I’m at the point where I’ve realized that when I don’t commit to centering myself with my connection to spirit, I feel off. I can also quickly fall into energy I don’t want to be in. When I’m centered in my spiritual practice, the first thing I notice is a peace. That peace creates space where instead of reacting, I slow down decide the best course of action. If I’m in chaos, I create chaos. When I’m in peace, I project the energy I want to see more of and I do. If you have never consciously made the effort to do something like this before, try it. Make a list of the spiritual practices that make you feel at peace inside, then commit to FULLY engaging in doing it today. Pay close attention to how you walk through your day. Pay attention to the kind of conversations you have, the people you meet, the things you notice. Keep that peace at the center, and remember to thank Spirit for any good you notice. The more we do this, the more space we create to for more love, abundance, and peace to be reflected back to us. The more often you do it, the more often it happens.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 64 – Actively Connecting with Our Spirituality

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 64: Actively Connecting with Our Spirituality

“A connection to Spirit restores your confidence, relieves your anxiety, and frees you from the desire to control everything in your life.”

-Sonia Choquette

Relationships take work to feel connected. When we love someone it may not feel like work to show the people we love that we care, but we are still showing our appreciation for them being in our lives and we MAKE time for them. Why would we consider connecting to self and to Spirit any different?

I’ve had an installment on spirituality and/or religion in each section, because or beliefs can create blocks (Day 6) or connection (Day 35) in our lives. My perspective of truth is that Source Energy, Divine Energy, God Energy, Spirit Energy, Buddha Energy, Allah Energy, Mother Earth Energy (whatever you choose to call it) is not capable of being fully understood by humans. We think too small to understand that level of love available in the Universe, so I do my best to try not to put my spirituality in a closed container. The best I can understand God is through my definition of love. I don’t care what religion a person believes in, if they have messages that reflect the definition of love that I believe in, I will embrace that message. The list I have below can be used and adapted for any spiritual and/or religious practice. These are just suggestions to help people to find ways to connect that feel right for their spiritual journey.

Side note: I’ve brought up my definition of love multiple times in this series and in many of my writings about love, because that definition is the best I can do to feel God’s love within me and in the world. That doesn’t mean that is the path that is right for someone else. It’s not my business how someone connects to the Spirit Energy within him or her. My perspective of truth is to absorb and spread love and light. I feel that is apart of my soul’s journey here. It doesn’t mean I don’t have darkness within me.  It doesn’t mean I don’t make mistakes and occasionally spread my darkness instead of my light—I’m human. We are all here learning. I’m simply doing the best I can.

Actively connecting to our spirituality is an important part of our journeys. Our intention behind what we do is key to how this energy will rest inside of us, project out, manifest, and attract people and things to our lives. It’s my perspective of truth that God gives me everything I need. I do my best to give and receive from a place of abundance. When I feel lack, I know I’m not connecting to Source. Here are 9 ways we can actively connect to our spirituality:

  1. We can actively connect through our self-love and self-care. That shows we are honoring our lives that have been created with a purpose to shine. When we shine inside we create a brighter light in the world. The more we work to brighten our own lights, the more we can connect with Divine Love in the Universe, which connects us to Spirit.
  2. We can actively connect through prayer. How much time are you willing to converse with your Higher Power? This is a personal choice. Just remember to treat this relationship like you would the love of your life.
  3. We can actively connect through meditation. When we sit in meditation we are open to listen and receive love, light, and wisdom.  The clearer we can get our minds, the more we connect.
  4. We can actively connect by serving with love. This isn’t about obligation. If you feel obligated you need to look within yourself to see the resistance to genuinely wanting to serve. When we serve with love, we are connecting to the Divine’s creations.  We connect to spirit when we honor the Spirit Energy within each creation. Serve in a place that pulls you. For me, I serve through spreading love. I make sure I give time everyday that is about spreading love.
  5. We can actively connect through gratitude practices. This can be in forms of lists, letters, and/or rituals. Showing gratitude connects us to the loving energy of the Universe, which connects us to Source.
  6. We can actively connect through religious services and/or rituals. The intention is important. Be clear on what feels right and what doesn’t. If we want to create more love in our lives, we must be connecting through love. Fear will lead to more fear.
  7. We can actively connect through movement. This can be practices like yoga, tai chi, Qigong, transformational breathing, dance, etc. Our intention behind the movement of energy has the power to connect us to Source. If we are connecting to our energy through Love we are connecting to Source Energy. We are allowing energy to move through us and release toxic blocks  keeping us from Source Energy naturally.
  8. We can actively connect through the feeling of AWE. Whether we feel this because of something we see in nature, in art, in wildlife, in animals, in architecture, in relationships, in a moment, in a child’s laugh, etc. That feeling of AWE connects us to a love deep within us that moves us. That is Divine Love. That is why actively living life is so important for our connections.
  9. We can actively connect in the water. I make a practice out of connecting by feeling the energy within me as expansive. I do this best floating in water. I just imagine myself as pure energy with no limits of body. I visualize God’s love permeated through each individual particle that makes me who I am. When I do this exercise, I feel completely refreshed, energized and connected.

When we feel whole within ourselves, we are connected. When we feel whole and connected, our intentions and expectations are in-check. We are open to live, grow, learn, and teach through our connections instead of our separations. We each experience light and dark, love and fear, and abundance and lack. What we have inside is what we spread. The more we connect to the best that is within us, the greater the chance we will connect to and spread Divine Love in the world.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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