90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 44 – I’m Grateful for Other’s Perspectives of Truth

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90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

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Day 44: I’m Grateful for Other’s Perspectives of Truth

Dear Universe,

I’m so excited to be open to learning about other’s perspectives of truth. I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off my shoulders from feeling the need to constantly be judging people all the time. The process of learning about others is so incredibly freeing. I feel good about myself when I’m interacting with people instead of fearing the areas I don’t agree with their thinking. I ask questions and I can see where either love or fear has led them to the perspectives of truth they believe in. I can be open to see when my fear-based perspectives of truth have been triggered, so that I have the opportunity to re-frame my thinking.

Being aware of my responses to other’s perspectives of truth has helped me become a more loving person as I see each person for the individual they are instead of some title I once lumped them under. I’m enjoying seeing not only their humanity, but my own. The best part is I can see individuals beyond the areas I don’t agree with their perspectives of truth. I can see the love they have even if it is confused with some fear. I can see their fears and understand them because I’ve had them too. I can understand that we are just looking at the world through different spectacles and how we are choosing to view things is apart of our own unique journey. The fact that we can find the love in each other through all our differences shines light in our own dark corners.

I finally feel like I’m contributing to the energy that I want to see more of in the world. I feel the love expanding in me by where I’m putting my focus. I’m seeing the blessings in learning where other people’s stories come from. I’m not taking people’s actions personally anymore because I understand that their actions come from their own perspectives of truth. Their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions come from how they are interpreting the world. If a person is coming at me from a place of fear, I can choose to shine the light on it by learning about where their perspective of truth is coming from.

I can leave unhealthy situations because I’m clear about the energy the situation is holding. I know that I can’t change someone else. I only can change me. I’m only RESPONSIBLE for changing me. If I don’t like what’s happening, I have to change the energy I’m putting into it. If that means I need space from someone else, so that I can stay out of my own dark, then I take the responsibility to change the things that I’m capable of changing. I don’t have to follow any perspectives of truth led by fear that I don’t want to. NO ONE can force me to do that. I choose to enjoy feeling of true empowerment by educating myself on other’s perspectives of truth. I don’t have to believe anything that doesn’t feel right. I also don’t have to attack someone else because I don’t believe in his or her perspective of truth. I can see where their perspective comes from—love or fear. I can choose to adapt my own perspectives accordingly. Seeing individuals through their feelings, thoughts, beliefs, actions, and reactions helps me to understand where they are coming from according to what their perspectives of truth are. I find the best ways to communicate from a loving place when I see each of us clearly. If I’m insisting that my way of thinking is the only way, I will miss so many opportunities to see that there are plenty of choices each of us can make.

Thank you Universe for inviting so many wonderful people to into my life. I feel truly blessed when I get to hear people’s stories and connect with them through love. I’ve chosen perspectives of truth that come from a loving place. When I see life through this lens, everything I receive becomes a blessing—No matter how challenging the lesson is.

I’m grateful for the individuals who helped me see my own darkness through perspectives of truth led by fear. I’m grateful for individuals whose perspectives of truth differ from mine, but they are still led by love. I’m grateful for those who teach the world to become more aware of the energy we are contributing to love or fear. I’m grateful to the people who have chosen to take loving actions even in the face of extreme fear. I’m grateful to all the people who inspire love no matter what background they come from.

With Love and Gratitude,

A Better Me

Rachael Wolff ©2019

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