90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 45 – Releasing Perspectives that Don’t Serve Us

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 45: Releasing Perspectives that Don’t Serve Us

“Same thoughts always lead to the same choices.”

-Joe Dispenza

When we start seeing ourselves (Day 43) and individuals in the world (Day 44) through perspectives of truth—We open our minds to change our patterns that create the chaos of our lives. We can see how expecting different results while continuing the same thought and behavior patterns is the definition of insanity. If we want to live differently, we have to choose to do things differently. That’s why the 90-Day A Better Me Series  takes the journey to see where our blocks are in Part I of the series. If we want to be better, we have to look at what we are doing that keeps us from creating an inner world abundant with light. Remember the Law of Attraction? If we are abundant inside— We manifest abundance around us. Do you want to be creating an abundance of darkness (fear)? I know I don’t! I want to be creating an abundance of love, adventures, passion, prosperity, and connections (light).

If a person has the perspective of truth that tells them self-care is selfish that person’s belief systems are sending energy messages to the Universe that say things like:

  • I can’t take care of myself, so it is someone else’s job to take care of me.
  • I need people to give me value.
  • I’m not worthy of my own time.
  • I will give myself away for whoever gives me attention.
  • I’m a doormat, come walk on me. I like the attention.
  • I’m unlovable if I’m not giving myself away.
  • I’m selfish if I love myself, so you have to fill that hole.

That is just a short list, but it can vary depending on the person. Some people will give themselves away in their romantic relationships, familial relationships, and/or friendships. Others will give themselves away in their jobs and/or places they serve. The self-care is selfish perspective of truth is not putting the oxygen on ourselves first. It is letting ourselves die and sacrificing the care we can give to others. I don’t know anyone who lives a healthy lifestyle who gives themselves away. Self-care represents self-love. We have to have love for ourselves before we can authentically understand it in others.

When we choose perspectives of truth created by fear, it affects how we treat the world and how we interpret the world treating us. We become victims of the world. We become victims of  life. We see the world through the eyes of the victim role. Our perspective of truth tells us we are victims. So if we want to unravel the perspectives of truth that got us here, we have to go back and try to figure out where these belief systems came from and uncover if they are worth holding onto. When we hold perspectives of truth led by fear. Our perspectives will affect feelings, thoughts, actions, and reactions.  It injects fear into every situation. We will treat our reality through the eyes of the perspectives of truth we choose to live by.


As individuals we have to dig deep. If you’ve been with me since the beginning and been doing the “Just for Today” sections look at the fears (Days 3-6), shame (Days 7-12), blame (Days 13-17), judgment (Days 18-21), hate (Days 22-25), and the mirror (Days 27-30).  If you haven’t been with me and you truly want to stop repeating patterns that don’t work for you, go back and look at these sections. Investigate the belief systems that created these patterns of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Do you need them anymore? Which ones are you ready to give up? We no longer can blame the people who raised us or the circumstances in our lives—This transformation is in our hands. We have the power to make today a different day. It all starts with the steps we choose to take. First, we have to release what no longer is working for us. We have to look at what our perspectives of truth have created our realities to look like.

“If you strike without compassion against the darkness, you yourself enter the darkness.”

-Gary Zukav

This process is not a one-day step. This is a process that will take years of weeding through our unstable foundations created layers of old beliefs like I’ve talked about before. Be patient with yourself. With each step we take we become lighter. Show YOURSELF compassion during this process! Otherwise you are going to keep yourself in the dark energy you are trying to shine light on. Just simply choose to do the best you can and if you feel like you were challenged and you failed, learn from what you saw yourself do. Learn from how you felt, thought, and acted in the situation. This is the work. That’s how we get better and live better.

Self-abuse (Day 29) keeps us in the dark. By working on releasing perspectives of truth that no longer serve us is a VERY good place to start. Just imagine the beautiful gardens we can create once we get rid of the old belief systems that are like smothering vines and weeds taking over our beautiful gardens (inner world). We have to weed out what keeps dulling and killing our gardens. We have to give space to the flowers, trees, and plants so they can each see the light that nourishes their growth. We have to take the time to care, love, and nurture our gardens so that the shadows and the darkness don’t overrun them.

“The smallest change in perspective can transform a life. What tiny attitude adjustment might turn your world around?”

-Oprah Winfrey

Since this installment’s post date lands on Valentine’s Day, I know many people struggle with perspectives of truth. Those perspectives can cause unrealistic expectations on partners. People can manifest horrible days by cursing the day. Individuals can create a negative desperate energy around them so that they attract toxic people to their lives. There are other perspectives of truth we can choose on days like Valentine’s Day, whether we have partners or we don’t. Watch where your head goes—Are your perspectives of truth about Valentine’s Day serving you? Which ones are you ready to release?

Just for Today

It’s time to pull out the journals. At the top of each page write a perspective of truth you’ve been choosing to believe that you don’t feel serves the person you want to be. Don’t write anything else on the page. I listed the days you can find each section above to help you easily navigate the areas you might want to look at. Just scroll down on this page and you will see the “Categories” section where you can bring up the entire 90-Day A Better Me Series.

When you are ready to take this step, you will begin to see some beautiful shifts in your life. You might notice things in nature more. You might be touched by more stories of perseverance, strength, hope, love, compassion, and courage. You may meet new people who share your excitement (This is how I met one of my closest friends 11 years ago). Just be aware and pay attention—Miracles are abound!


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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