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Day 59: Attracting the Energy of Love to My Life

Dear Universe,

I’m in awe of how attracting the energy of love to my life works. It doesn’t matter how many times I see it or in what capacity; the feelings that come over me as I  watch my self-love project out of me, manifest more things to love,  and then watch how people and things are attracted back to me is AMAZING. It is the most empowering experience that I can even begin to imagine. I really do have the power to make my life incredible.

Ever since I started to really understand the concept of only getting more of what we already have inside, I truly feel empowered to manifest and attract more love into my life. For me, this also makes giving my love to others so much more rewarding. I don’t expect anything from the love I give, and I’m not attracted to places where it is unhealthy for me to express my love. Some situations I can send  love in a prayer that someone gets the help they need, or that a person sees how much harm they are doing to themselves by living in their darkness. Whatever the case may be, I’m always exactly where I’m supposed to be and so is my love.

I’ve attracted people in my life now that are capable of loving me back. Before I invested my time and energy into showing myself love, I would attract people who didn’t want to invest time and energy into showing me love. I got back the exact energy I put towards myself. Now, since I’m able to show myself love, I attract people who have no problems showing me love.

This love extends out all around me. I’m able to serve others with a full heart. I’m not trying to seek my worth in what I’m doing for someone else, so it doesn’t take loving energy away from him/her or me. I can just authentically be there serving with a grateful heart.

There are so many incredible blessings that come with seeing the power of how this works. I’m attracting the people who I’m meant to teach and/or be taught by. The lessons inspire me, where I used need a big hit over the head to get a lesson to take hold.

I love how my world has shifted by working on how I perceived myself and my value to this life. The abundance of love that I feel in my heart is overflowing. Life is really an amazing journey, and I’m so blessed for every moment I’m aware enough to be fully engaged in the experience!

Today I’m grateful

  1. I’m incredible grateful for the ability attract the energy of love to my life
  2. I’m grateful for the love I feel in nature
  3. I’m grateful for the love I feel from my family
  4. I’m grateful for the love I feel interacting with animals
  5. I’m grateful for the love I feel when I’m looking in the mirror


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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