90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 66 – Quieting the Mind for Conscious Creation

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 66: Quieting the Mind for Conscious Creation

“Only in quiet waters do things mirror themselves undistorted. Only in a quiet mind is adequate perception of the world.”

-Hans Margolius

Quieting our minds can be one of our biggest challenges, but if we do the work— It comes with the greatest rewards. In a quiet mind we can separate all the clutter and distractions. We hear and see messages clearly. We create consciously. You know those signs we ask the Divine Creator for? We only can see them when we slow down our minds.

“A quiet mind is all you need. All else will happen rightly, once your mind is quiet.”

-Sri Nisaradatta Maharaji

We actually have the ability to change our neural pathways when we are able to calm our minds on a regular basis. This means those unhealthy messages that have been feeding us and forming the way our mind behave can be changed to create new and healthier connections in the brain. Scientists have been studying the effects of regular meditation on the brain— The results are incredible. So all the mindfulness, meditation, and quieting of the mind messages have scientific proof of effectiveness.  We are literally retraining our brains to operate on a higher level. I find that pretty amazing. This is proof that we have choices that will make things better for us, and it starts with our mindset. We have to choose not to be a prisoner of our thoughts and beliefs that keep us trapped in an inner life we aren’t happy with.

“Quiet the mind, and the soul will speak.”

-Ma Jaya Sati Bhanagavati

Some people think of quieting the mind as meditation, and instantly the walls go up saying I can’t meditate. We’ve talked about the word, can’t. It’s an excuse not to keep trying. The word can’t is a choice to be stuck where we are. There are plenty of ways to quiet the mind that are building the muscle to be able to meditate and/or keep the mind quiet for longer time periods. I’ve brought some of these up in different parts of the series, but they are worth repeating.

10 Techniques to Quiet the Mind

  1. When you are using the toilet, take the time to be conscious of your breath. Make it a practice that every time you use the toilet you take three long inhales and three long exhales… This is what I did to start MAKING the time for quieting the mind.
  2. When you’re in the shower, be conscious of your breaths in and out. Then imagine the water touching you is the love of the Divine cleansing and clearing all the chaos and clutter away. Feel the love washing over you in your silence.
  3. Take a walk in nature or spend time in with the Earth in some way. If you can keep your mind on what you are seeing and feeling, you can help quiet the clutter in the mind. Really look at the nature and feel the energy coming from the Earth. Let your mind be focused on what you are looking at and touching. Embrace your senses.
  4. Lie on the ground and really look at the sky. Do you remember trying to figure out what animals clouds looked like? Or connect the dots with the stars? Focus on breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth and be childlike in your exploration. You will notice the more you can focus on this, the clutter in the mind dissipates.
  5. When you are exercising, focus on your breathing and being one with your body as you move. Pay close attention to your form and make sure your breaths are even as you move. NO holding your breath. Pay attention to the flow of your body during transitions in movement.
  6. Consciously drink a whole glass of water. See, feel, taste, hear, and smell the water moving with each sip. It helps me to add  a little flavored vinegar, lemon, cucumber, herbs, or essential oils to help me stay fully conscious of the experience.
  7. Get a meditation application, CD, YouTube, etc. on your phone and start practicing. If one doesn’t work for you, try another. Start slow if you are challenged. What time did you start and when did your mind start moving into the clutter. Then find meditations for that length of time and work your way up. Don’t beat yourself up over your mind drifted. You can see the thought come up in your mind and watch it float by like a balloon and release it. Don’t try to force your mind not to let the thoughts in, just simply let them pass by and visualize them floating off.
  8. Free writing is one of my favorite techniques. There are many names for this type of writing. Here is the method that works best for me: Set a timer for 20-30 minutes. Ask the Universe a question, say a prayer, write down a quote that inspires you, or give your mind a topic and just start writing. Don’t think or plan what you are going to write, don’t edit any words that are coming to the page, just write without trying to steer your thoughts. Keep writing until your timer is up or just keep writing if you are in a flow that the words are just coming to you without any effort. Once your mind starts trying to control the writing after the timer goes up, stop! The more you do this kind of writing the more you will be consciously creating. Many of my blogs are written like this. I actually do my best writing when I let my conscious energy flow. I only edit when the whole piece is complete.
  9. Doodle, doodle, and doodle some more. If you struggle with meditation, try listening to meditation music or a guided meditation while you doodle. Simply focus on breathing and letting your hand be led to just create the shapes and words that flow into stream of consciousness. Doodling has been scientifically proven to help focus the mind (the research is easily accessible on-line, just in case you ever have a teacher complaining about your child is doodling).
  10. Create a free mind; free flow art piece, creative movement, and/or musical masterpiece. Like the writing, set a timer. Give yourself a minimum of 20-30 minutes. Ask the Universe a question, say a prayer, look at a picture that inspires you, listen to a song without lyrics that inspires you, and/or just take three long deep breaths in and out. Now start creating without any thinking, planning or editing. See what comes up. You may be amazed in what you create. Some of the most mesmerizing music and art was created in free flow energy.

When we allow ourselves the time and space to quiet the mind, we start consciously creating new ways of thinking, believing, living, choosing, processing, expressing, loving, visualizing, experiencing, flowing, being, problem-solving, and on and on the list goes. The possibilities are endless once we quiet the mind for conscious creation. Now, if you are truly interested in changing your life, take one to three of the items on the list and do it for a minimum of 45-Days. You will be SHOCKED at the results. Like I’ve said before, transformation takes commitment and work. We have to consciously choose to MAKE the time.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 48 – The Loving Energy of Gratitude

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 48: The Loving Energy of Gratitude

“You simply will not be the same person two months from now after consciously giving thanks each day for the abundance that exists in your life. And you will have set in motion an ancient spiritual law: The more you have and are grateful for, the more you will be given to you.”

-Sarah Ban Breathnach

Authentic gratitude carries a loving energy that projects light. The light manifests to more love and when that energy reflects back to us we receive so much more than we could have ever imagined when we were consumed with our own darkness. Saying we are grateful, saying thanks, writing gratitude lists, and writing thank you notes doesn’t ALWAYS reflect authentic gratitude. When we are being authentic in our gratitude we FEEL it. That is the vibration of gratitude. That is what changes us. When we are truly grateful it can make us cry, laugh, and tingle. Feeling gratitude causes a physical reaction in our bodies. Those are just a few things that we can see. It can also shift toxic energy blocks within us that create disease. Gratitude gives space for miracles.

“Gratitude drives happiness. Happiness boosts productivity. Productivity reveals mastery. And Mastery inspires the world.”

-Robin S. Sharma

Our joy, happiness, tranquility, and peace expand and project out of us when we embrace the loving energy of gratitude. The people around us will feel the difference in our energy without saying a word. Something will just feel different to them. If they have light inside them, it will create a reaction in them where their light will shine brighter. If a person is carrying a lot of densely packed darkness, they will react too.

A person caught up in their own darkness might attempt to dim our light unconsciously. We only allow as much happiness in our lives as we feel comfortable with inside us, so a person who is stuck in the dark can feel VERY uncomfortable around people who give off a lot energy that is full of love. DON’T TAKE THIS PERSONALLY! This is NOT about you. If they need to excuse themselves from the room or from your life, it’s because their energy field doesn’t blend with yours anymore. Give them the distance, when and if they are ready to see your light, they will come back.  You may notice they only come around when they need help. Be GRATEFUL for that! That is when they are ready to accept a little more light to their life. We know we’ve reached a wonderful place in our own light when people are attracted to ours. If they are demanding help, they are not attracted to your light. They are trying to connect to some of your dark (enabling energy). If you are shining your light bright enough, it won’t touch your dark energy. You won’t react out of fear, you will respond from a place of love. They may get frustrated, throw their hands up, and walk away. You will stay centered if you are in your light. Your light acts as a force field around you. Then when the moment is over, you can be grateful for the opportunity you were given to show love and respect to yourself and others even in the face of fear.

Honestly, we wouldn’t have time for all the people who fell out of our lives because of their own darkness. It wouldn’t be healthy for us. If we surround ourselves with too much darkness, we could fall back into our own when we hit a challenge and we went to people who were trapped in their own darkness for advice. When we are in our own dark moment and there are people who are living in their darkness around us, they will be attracted to the darkness beacon we are putting out. It’s CRAZY how this happens. I’ve watched it in my life so many times; it doesn’t have to be people I know, it can be complete strangers.

When we are vibrating on the loving level of gratitude, we need to trust that whoever comes into our life is meant to be there as long as they are meant to be there. Some people are in our lives to teach us great lessons about ourselves then leave. This can include people who teach through lessons of fear like blaming, shaming, assault, violent attacks, abuse, rape, harassment, etc. We find our own light in the dark when we reach a level of gratitude in what we learned about ourselves and the love and compassion of others around us in those dark times. If we spot the light in someone, we have it in ourselves. If we spot the dark, we have it in ourselves. We can be grateful for the awareness of seeing both.

When we shine our light in gratitude we attract guides, Earth Angels, and spiritual nudges from the Universe—Be grateful for that! We will have some people we are meant to guide and/or teach. When we live in gratitude, we can find the love within the learning, guiding, and teaching. We don’t get stuck on how long someone will be in our lives. We are simply grateful for them being in our lives for the time period they are meant to be there. I will talk more about gratitude in relationships on Day 49.  We can be grateful for ANY experience we are given whether another person is involved or not.

For now, we are focusing on the loving energy of gratitude that helps us to not get stuck on expectations, time, and what we don’t have. When we live in gratitude, we realize we have everything we need in this moment. If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be alive. Our challenges teach us, which is something to be grateful for. Our blessings show us we are paying attention to what we do have, or else we wouldn’t feel the blessing of having it. We can choose to live in the energy of lack (fear), which will manifest the energy of hate (Day 24) within ourselves and out in the world; OR we can choose to live in the energy of abundance (love), which will manifest the energy of love within ourselves and out in the world. We are responsible for our own energy that we put out in our thoughts, feelings, actions, and reactions. What would you rather be manifesting?

“If you look at what you have in life, you’ll always have more. If you look at what you don’t have in life, you’ll never have enough.”

-Oprah Winfrey

I CHOOSE LOVE! When I realized how much harm I was doing to myself and others by living in the darkness, I had to make the choice. For me, my breakthrough point with gratitude was looking at my babies and asking myself what was the legacy I wanted to pass onto them. I knew I was the example to my son of how to treat women, and I was the example to my daughter of how to treat herself. Those thoughts have expanded greatly since that day, but at the time, that is what I needed to breakthrough and open the door to the journey I’m on now. That was the day, I committed to being grateful. Even while I was in a very unhealthy relationship, I wrote in my gratitude journal EVERYDAY! I was so determined to break myself out of the cycle of lack, I wrote no less than a page a day.

Your breakthrough moment may not be like mine. It doesn’t have to be an extreme knock down with the emotional 2×4. It can be an AHA moment while you read something that just hits you in the right way. It can be an accident or illness that gets you to slow down enough to realize how precious life really is. It can be watching hate in the media and wanting to help by contributing something different. I can be a pay-it-forward line at a drive through that helps you see the power of gratitude. It can be looking at a flower and being overwhelmed by thoughts of how amazing life on this planet really is. It could be that you are so sick of yourself and your thinking that you just are desperate enough to find a path to change. Since a large element of my 35-Day A Better Me Boot Camp is based on gratitude, and when I work with friends, I go instantly to gratitude, I get to see a lot of different breakthrough moments and the transformations that follow. This practice doesn’t just work for me. It works for anyone who is truly ready to be AUTHENTICALLY grateful. If you REALLY want to help yourself and others, commit to the journey of gratitude. You will consciously serve yourself, others, and the world in away that will contribute to the loving energy force guiding our existence. Each of us are already contributing, but many unconsciously of what our energy is really creating more of—Love or fear. We can start living life from a loving place in this very moment. We just have to make the conscious choice to commit to gratitude.

Just for Today

Write a gratitude list of things, people, events, or circumstances you are authentically grateful for. I mean you need to have a physical reaction when feeling gratitude for who or whatever you are putting on the list. If you don’t laugh, cry, or tingle, it doesn’t belong on this particular list. I want you to fully feel the energy of the gratitude so that you know how to spot it on a regular basis. Get into it! This is the best high you may ever feel!


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019


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