Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #351

I’m grateful for the opportunity to explore possibilities. Now, how I choose to explore possibilities matters. I can choose to explore them aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation. Being mindful and conscious in the moment helps to ensure I’m making the most out of all the possibilities showing up for me to explore. I’ve seen what happens when people endlessly explore thoughts and ideas that come from the energy of fear, lack, and separation, I used to be one of them. I could awfulize ANYTHING! I didn’t recognize what love looked like, so when someone showed me love I would come up with tons of fear-filled theories on why they were acting the way they were. I made myself a victim of people showing me love. I’ve also mentioned before on this blog how I turned a guy throwing out dog poop a murderer. Everyone is capable of exploring possibilities aligned with the energy of fear, lack, and separation or love, abundance, and peace. I love that I can see the difference now, because I have the power to shift my energy and explore possibilities aligned with the energy I want to see more of in the world.

Here’s the thing, when I explore possibilities in the energy of fear, lack, and separation, that is where my energy is focused, so I attract more opportunities to see fear, lack, and separation even if it’s only happening inside me. When I explore possibilities in the energy of love, abundance, and peace, that is where my energy is focused, so I attract more opportunities to see love, abundance, and peace even if it’s only happening inside me. Where do I want to live my life? That’s the question I ask myself, because I’m only accountable and responsible for the energy I project to the world.

I love exploring possibilities aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. I’ve discovered so many amazing things by aligning with this energy. First and foremost, where I let my thoughts go affects ALL my relationships, including my relationship with myself. It takes work to reprogram the endless thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that I have identified with for so long. Letting some of them go is scary, but I’ve discovered aligning with the energy of love, abundance, and peace doesn’t make me naive or more vulnerable, I’ve actually got more in-tuned to see when a moment, a person, or an energy is not healthy and/or safe to be around. I’ve got to meet people who have given me tools to keep me safe. One of my favorite prayers I got from my friend, Sandra—”Bless it, or block it.” This one helps me trust where I’m led, and I physically get signs when something isn’t leading me to my highest good. Saying this prayer helps give me the confidence to explore possibilities with love in my heart. It’s because of this prayer I’m able to be in gratitude when things don’t go as planned.

Today, I commit to being open to possibilities. I will align my energy with love, abundance, and peace and see where that takes me today. I love making this a game to see where aligning with love, abundance, and peace will guide me in my thoughts when I’m looking at my daily world. There are endless possibilities! I feel so much better in my interactions with my kids, mate, friends, and family. It was being in this energy that I found that I could find peace in doing laundry, washing dishes, and oh my goodness washing my hands. I’m brought so much joy just walking down the street because I never know what will cross my path.

I’m working on writing a pitch for a series of books. To me, the pitch is all about seeing the possibilities. I love the process especially when I align my energy! Seeing the possibilities is what got me published in the first place. Seeing the possibilities also paved the way for all the amazing adventures I’ve been on. Years ago, I took my kids on a 6-week road trip which all happened because I explored the possibilities of what it would look like to do it. When I explore possibilities aligned with the energy of love, abundance, and peace, magic happens.

Right now, I’m in a place I’ve never been before. There are endless opportunities for me explore the possibilities. Today, I’m going to make sure I leave myself open to explore as many as I can. I’m also going to write down the ones that really call to me, because that’s how I help turn them into reality.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021, Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World available in audiobook, ebook, and paperback (click title to learn more)

90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 85 – Giving People Tools to Build From A Loving Place

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 85: Giving People Tools to Build From A Loving Place

“Creativity is the person-centered process of imagining possibilities and taking embodied expressive action to make your ideas real.”

-Marta Davidovich Ockuly, PhD, 2019

On this 90-Day A Better Mejourney we have covered a lot of ground. We have looked at what holds us back (Part I), what launches us forward (Part II), and now we are well into living the journey (Part III). In these final days of the journey we will be covering how to consciously project love (light), engage in what we stand for, embracing what we manifest, being the change, and leading by example.  There is one tool very important tool you will need to engage if you want the best results and to completely submerge into life as a better you—CREATIVITY!

Take in the definition of creativity above given by Dr. Davidovich Ockuly. REALLY take it in. If you have any thoughts or perspectives of truth within you that tells you that you aren’t a creative person, read this definition again and again. YOU ARE CREATIVE! Each of us has a purpose where we need our creativity to shine through in order to bring our purpose into fruition. We make our soul’s purpose come alive when we engage in our creativity.

When we block our creativity with beliefs such as, I’m not a creative person. We sabotage our gifts; we create unnecessary blocks for ourselves. We conjure a struggle where their doesn’t need to be one. We are creative. We were made creative. We just need to find our own unique creativity. When we do that—

We find our power! We use creativity to better our lives and give others seeds to better theirs on a daily basis. What we do may not be a piece of fine art, a best-selling book, viral memes or videos, mind-blowing photography, a jaw-dropping performance, and/or an award-winning garden. We use creative to project and manifest AWE in our lives. The work is engaging in our creativity.

If we want to give people tools to build from a loving place, we not only have to be creative, we have to inspire the creativity within them. We don’t know what someone else’s creative path is, but what we do know is if we help others see themselves clearly, we are giving them the tools to go within and see their gifts. Here’s an example: I’ve read countless books, gone to thousands of workshops and classes, had many challenging life experiences, practiced spirituality and religion, and experimented with using my creative mind in all kinds of way. I needed to do all those things to create the 90-Day A Better Me Series. I had no idea when I started my blog that I would be led to write this. It just kept unfolding, because I trusted the process. I was open to the possibility of giving others tools to live better. I had to go through the process to see the possibilities in order to write everything that has come to me.

When we engage our creativity our minds are open. When we suppress our creativity our minds close. We don’t see possibility. If we don’t see possibility we are stuck in the cycle of insanity. When we are open—WE LEARN, GROW, AND EXPAND. When we do that, we have the ability to give people tools to build from a loving place.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019


P.S. I wanted to give my former professor, Dr. Marta Davidovich Ockuly, a special thank you for this beautiful definition of creativity. Thank-you for being who you are and creating what you do. You are an inspiration.

Today’s Letter from A Better Me: 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 85- Using My Creativity to Help People Find Their Tools to Build From A Loving Place