90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 48 – The All-Encompassing Energy of Gratitude

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90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

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Day 48: The All-Encompassing Energy of Gratitude

Dear Self,

Today, I’m focusing on the all-encompassing energy of my gratitude. First, I’m putting my focus on feeling gratitude within my spirit, soul, body, force field, and overall being. Second, I’m looking at the outside world with eyes of gratitude to see just how much the things I look at can and do change. Then, I will write five things I’m grateful for while I’m fully aware of how it is making my body feel to experience the gratitude on paper.

Step 1: I’m choosing to look back to an event that I felt authentic gratitude for. I’m so incredibly grateful for the day I met my friend who I have been closest too on my spiritual journey. I was in such a dark place when I met her, but a few days before we met I watched the movie, The Secret. I remember I got chills and tingles watching the movie. Those same feelings filled me when her and I had our first talk. A spark within me was lit and I was and am so grateful to the Universe for connecting us. If I hadn’t been exactly where I was, in the exact situation I was in, her and I wouldn’t be travelling the same path that we are. Everything had to line up in the Universe for us to meet the exact way we did. I feel tingles running through me right now thinking about how many amazing experiences we’ve had on our spiritual journey together. I can look back and see how my energy shifted in my life as her and I started working together. The things that I began manifesting into my life were about growth, change, and shifting energies. The immense gratitude I feel for everything related to my spiritual transformation stemmed from the gratitude in my heart for my opening for change, which led to her and this incredible journey. As time has passed, I’ve seen how when I stay connected, my force field is so strong and protective of my spirit. Gratitude is my way of keeping my focus on my connections. I can go back to moments like these and feel how gratitude effects me inside. The more I focus on the feeling, the more memories are popping into my head of how much I have to be authentically grateful for. This step really helped me to connect with the energy of gratitude.

Step 2: Walking down the street along the lake, I noticed the Great Blue Heron. I felt a sense of absolute awe as the bird watched me pass. When the bird took flight I noticed the grace she or he traveled with. As my thoughts expanded I thought about all the different birds and how each brought their own way of doing things into this group the birds gathered in at the center island of our lake. I listened to the callings and how some birds sat on the sidelines waiting for the time to make their move. I noticed how they found the branches they were choosing to rest on. Those thoughts expanded onto humans and how we operate to find our way through this life. The thoughts brought me to an incredible place of gratitude for my journey with others. After experiencing this moment, I felt a sense of clarity for being who I am and allowing others to be who they are. If I’m meant to interact with others, there will be signs, just like the birds flying knew where and where not to land. Life became a little more beautiful in that instant of viewing the world.

Step 3: My gratitude list:

  1. I’m so incredibly grateful for the people and animals who are brought into my life to help me expand my love. I feel this gratitude as the tears well up in my eyes and I feel a tingling at the top of my head. My heart feels full. The flow in my body feels open.
  2. I’m so blessed and grateful to have learned how to free myself from my own toxic thinking. I watched someone else get trapped in their own thoughts, which had them treating other people like they were the villains in her story. She was unable to see any other perspective. I could feel compassion for her and the people her story affected, but I also could feel the immense gratitude I had for my own choices. I could look back and see times where I had done that too. I’m so incredibly grateful for the lesson in how my perspective can make my life peaceful or chaotic. I feel this expansion in a tingling throughout my chest and arms and the smile across my face.
  3. I’m so happy and grateful for my amazing partner who is the absolute reflection of what I projected out from within me. We can communicate clearly because we are both aware of what is our own stuff. When we aren’t, the other one tends to recognize it and we can laugh. I sometimes cry, but the tears are cleansing. We learn, grow, and love together everyday we are in this partnership. I’m so incredibly grateful for all this relationship has taught me so far. This is my happily ever now.
  4. I’m so grateful for the abundance of love I have to give/receive to and from my family. I love the opportunity I get to look at myself when I’m triggered by someone else’s behaviors. I’m so grateful for the connections I feel when I allow myself to see the people I love as humans instead of putting them on pedestals that come with unrealistic expectations. I can feel my gratitude emanate through me in my laughter, tears, smiles, and physical touches. To feeling of love running through me helps me to connect to my spirituality and Source. When I’m connected to Source, I feel it everywhere and in all my senses.
  5. I’m so grateful for choices I’ve consciously made in times of darkness. Like the choice to make gratitude list when I felt defeated by what I was seeing in the world. Like the choice to not react to someone else’s darkness and the choice to be loving even when faced with other’s darkness. The more I think about the times I’ve made conscious choices to live life from a loving place, the better I feel inside. I love the life I’ve been consciously creating by choosing love more than I choose fear. I love the friends who show up, and I love the strangers who give me the opportunity to share my light.  I love my openness to shift and transform my thinking on what I’m seeing in the world. I’m so incredibly happy and grateful that the tears are flowing down into my words. This is the all-encompassing energy of gratitude.


With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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