Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #112

I’m grateful for the little signs. The Universe is amazing! I had one of those days when the Divine sent me a message in a completely unsuspecting way. I have been seeking clarity on something involving my career path. One conversation with a stranger gave me the AHA-moment I needed to get a clear vision on something I had been thinking about for awhile. I LOVE when that happens. A bunch of different questions and signs led me to the conversation. I knew something was going to come out of the conversation because I was getting the chills all through it. Then it happened! I left the conversation with a new found clarity. This has been happening so much lately, whether I’m on a zoom call, reading a book, or in a discussion with someone. Little signs keep showing up leading me down this path. I have no idea where it’s going, I’m just enjoying the journey and paying attention to each sign along the way.

When we are aligned with love, abundance, and peace our signals are open to receive so many wonderful gifts and signs. I’m sent people who are aligned with the energy I’m projecting out and it leaves space for the magic in the connections. I’m always amazed in the Divine energy that flows through—it’s palpable.

Today, I commit to watch for the signs from the Universe. Here’s what I know, when I’m open and willing to listen—the signs are there! The signs give me momentum to take the next step on my unknown journey. When I’m listening, no matter what happens, I feel safe in the knowing that everything is as it should be. The more aligned I am with love, abundance, and peace the more I can embrace what is in front of me. It all works together.

A little reminder for anyone taking this journey with me. I want to make sure it’s understood that aligning with love, abundance, and peace doesn’t stop the challenges from coming into our lives. I can have hours where I feel run down from my single mom duties and navigating two teens through challenging times, but doing the work to align brings me out of the chaos and brings me to a place of calm where I can ask God for guidance and be open enough to see the signs guiding me to the solutions. It’s helped me to figure out that I don’t have to have all the answers, if I get a nudge to reach out, I’m always amazed at the help that comes back.

When we are trapped in our stories of fear, lack, and separation we can often feel alone and feel like we have to come up with all the answers ourselves and can get to a place where we feel like the world is against us. That is a dangerous and lonely place and it only exists when we are feeding the fear, lack, and separation inside of us. We can’t see signs for solutions there because we are stuck in the problem. Doing the work to stay aligned is WORTH IT!

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With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

A Thank You Note to the Universe

Dear Universe,

Thank you for all that you have provided me with in my life. Thank you for making sure I have oxygen to breathe, food to eat, and water to drink. Thank you for all the miracles in nature. From the ocean to the mountains, the birds to alligators, and the flowers to the majestic trees, I’m in awe. 

I’m grateful for the extremities I have, because I know others have to learn to be without. I’m grateful for my voice so that I can stand up and speak the words that are close to my heart. I’m grateful for my eyes so that I can appreciate all the beauty around me, and see when people are in need of help.

I appreciate each and every lesson that grows me stronger, even if I don’t remember to thank you while I’m going through the tough ones. I appreciate the people who showed me what it felt like not to be loved, so that I recognize when I truly am. I appreciate all the love you have brought into my life and the blessings that come with it. I appreciate each moment you give me on this Earth to live, love, and grow into the best version of myself. 

I’m grateful in my power to choose my words, beliefs, feelings, actions, and reactions. My perspective is my power, and I don’t ever have to give my power away.  It is my choice at any moment to use it wisely or learn a lesson from it. It doesn’t matter what anyone else does to me. I can ALWAYS choose to rise above. If I don’t, it is nobody else’s fault; my responsibility is my power. For that, I thank you. I am never powerless to be the best version of myself. In that space, I am most helpful to the world around me.

 I’m relieved to know, I’m never alone. I see signs that miracles are all around me. Your vastness goes beyond what I can possibly understand. I can only hope my gratitude shows in the way I choose to live my life. 

I commit to doing the best I can. I will take responsible and learn from the times I fall short. I will also forgive myself and others when necessary. This way, I can continue to share the love within me and not have it tainted by shame, guilt, fear, anger, and rage because of holding onto the past. 

With Love and Gratitude, 

A Better Me 

Rachael Wolff © 2020, 2018

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When the Universe Answers

My Perspectives of Truth

I believe in the power of the Divine wholeheartedly. I believe our energy is our connection to Universal powers. I also believe our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and perspectives of truth that we choose daily create our realities in each moment. How we look at ourselves, others, and the world as a whole—MATTERS! With that being said, I believe that when we ask the Universe questions, the answers come according the energy we are giving out. 

If we are lacking in our self-worth and self-concept, we will be answered back with lessons to help find out why we have to build up our self-love. Some of these lessons can come from toxic relationships, jobs, family, etc. When we see how painful it is not to love ourselves, we may be put into situations, then given the tools we need to grow and prosper, but don’t be mistaken, the Universe is answering, we just have to be willing to thank the Divine for the lessons we are learning along the way. If we don’t and choose to stay in our chaos, the lessons get harder. The Universe is trying to show us what we need to learn to get ourselves out, but we are resisting. One of our biggest barriers is not feeling worthy and lovable. That’s not the answer, that’s what’s keeping us from finding the solution.

Asking the Universe for Answers from a Place of Lack

Here’s my personal example of this. Back in September 2001, I left the state I had spent the last year looking to feel connected. I was desperate for someone to love me back after I had long on-again/off-again romance fizzle for the last time. I wanted to feel love so bad that my energy was carrying a horribly low vibration. When I did find someone, he swooped me off my feet, put me on a high pedestal, and spoiled me. I tried to find my worth in what I meant to this person. Slowly, the relationship turned toxic. He was there to teach me what happens when I seek worth from someone outside of myself. Since I was so resistant to this lesson, it got harder and harder until I felt like a shell of a person. 

I kept asking the Universe, “Why can’t I be loved the way I feel I deserve?” The answer took me years of failed relationships and finally became BRUTALLY CLEAR.  The Universe was answering; I just didn’t like the answer, “Because you don’t show yourself that level of love.” The Universe kept meeting me on my level to give me the answers I was looking for. When I began the work on my self-love, the lessons weren’t as brutal, and got easier and easier to move through.

How Do We Want to Receive our Answers?

Remember, the Universe can only give us more of what we already have. If we tell the Universe how horrible the world is and we ask questions from that mindset, the lessons will show us the brutality. We will get to learn the hard way, because that is where our energy is taking us. The Universe isn’t against us, but the Divine energy can only connect with us from where we are. This is not a concept that is just in religion and/or spiritual circles, it’s in science. So no matter how a person wants to break this concept down, what we put out there is what we will get back. If we want good, love, abundance, health, adventure, joy to come back to us, we better work on making sure our energy is aligned with the results we want.

If we come to the Universe with love in our hearts, we will get our lessons and solutions with a softer hand. Inside we know we are getting the answers, so we may even feel energetically lifted even if the lesson is taking longer than we had hoped. There is a faith that lies underneath that allows the Universe to do some magic. We listen as people recommend books, people, shows, events, places, etc. The beauty of this is when we can acknowledge, and say thank you for lighting the way. The Universe opens so many doors, but we have to pay attention to what is in front of us to see them. When we have a grateful heart, the Universe gives us more to be grateful for. When love is at the foundation of our questions, the people the Universe brings into our lives is AWE inspiring.

Asking the Universe a Direct Question with a Strong Foundation of Love

After I graduated college at 40. I knew my soul was calling me to write, but I had no idea how to get my voice out there. I started asking the Universe for guidance. FromALovingPlace.com was born. Once I started blogging, I started thinking about writing a book. Then I wrote an open letter from A BETTER ME about judgment. A book idea sparked. I wrote out my 3×5 index card and asked the Universe, “How might I get my book idea sold?” Little did I know the Universe already had been making a space for an agent to appear in my life. Then came the book shopping process.

Being Open to Shift—This is NOT Our Timing

It took one version of being shopped until there was nowhere left to turn. The book didn’t sell. I needed a new direction. I started writing another version, and midway through the writing I went to Sedona, AZ to get some clarity. With a lot of time spent connecting to Source, I completely switched directions. I left my half-written book on the shelf and started over with a new direction. This idea was getting a lot of attention, but not having a big following or platform, I received some of the most beautiful passes. The one thing that was consistent was editors telling my agent, the book would find it’s “home”. The Universe was guiding the process. When the book landed in the lap of my now editor, she had a vision. She saw the one thing that could really make the book shine. Her team agreed and the life of Letters from A Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World found it’s home with Mango Publishing. 

Us humans can be some stubborn individuals. We’ve become very used to expecting quick fixes and answers. The Universe doesn’t work on our timing. This isn’t an overnight process; but with patience, love, and an opened mind and heart—The Universe answers. 

When we are having a hard time hearing the answers, it’s time to quiet the mind. If our minds are filled with clutter and chaos, the Universe has to be really loud in order to get us to pay attention. The more open and ready we are to receive, the faster the process will go. If we think we know what’s best, and refuse to see the messages and guidance, we stay prisoner of our own mind. Stay open to shift, change directions, and create new pathways. 

The Universe is Answering

  • Are you ready for the lessons you need to learn in order to lead the life that you REALLY want to be living? 
  • Are you ready to love yourself enough to allow the good to enter and stay?
  • Are you ready to do the work and change any unhealthy patterns that are keeping you stuck?
  • How do you want your answers delivered (make sure your energy is aligned)?
  • Are you ready to stay open to let the Universe work in the best possible way?

With Love and Gratitude, 

Rachael Wolff ©2019

Signs on a Spiritual Journey: A Message From 1998

Life has many interesting twists and turns. After my dad died in 2011, I found a free writing I had done and given to him. I’ve read it a couple time in the last few years and didn’t have any acknowledgment of when I wrote it. Many of the concepts I still believed, but I had no recollection of sharing my ideas. Slowly, a few memories came back but I still had no idea when I wrote it.

Recently, I was doing some rearranging and I pulled the drawers out of an old family dresser and there were papers stuck behind the drawers. I guess I had faxed a copy of the writing to my mom. With that, I got my date: August 27, 1998. At the time, I was on top of the world. I was just starting out in my career as a sales trainer and I was becoming very successful. I lived in Dunedin, Florida at the time.  I was 22 years old. In January 1999 I moved to Phoenix, Arizona.  In the next few years, I travelled the U.S. and Canada speaking at engagements and creating many different training programs and materials. I had endless confidence. I didn’t believe anything wasn’t possible, and I kept proving myself right. I lived in places all over the country and got to enjoy countless experiences with food, nature, people, travel, and entertainment.

image2-2Little did I know, at the end of 2001 my life would start to take some very unexpected turns. I would get some of life’s hardest life lessons. I had forgotten the girl who wrote this. She got lost for quite a few years, but when I started to re-emerge, I started paying attention to the signs once again and miracle after miracle led me back home to God’s infinite Love. The love of a Universe that goes beyond any love humanly known. A love that ends all separations and connects us to all the elements of the Universe. Seeing this with my open eyes is so powerful.

Since this particular free writing keeps being brought up in my life and put in my face, I decided to share it with my readers. It is unedited and raw. I had no idea I even knew some of these concepts so early on. I listen to how I repeat concepts over and over, almost like God was preparing me for what was ahead.


In the world we know: How many times have we asked ourselves what does it all mean? We try to take control of situations that we fear that we won’t like the outcome that God presents to us. Why do we do this when the truth is we should always thank God for whatever outcome he gives us, because it just means there is something better out there for us. We are faced with a series of lessons in our lifetime. They are all a part of our spiritual journey. None of these lessons are meant to purposefully hurt us. They are meant to help us grow stronger and lead us to spiritual enlightenment.

We will have peace in our lives when we accept these lessons with loving arms. When we discover the love within us is stronger than any love we can get from the outside world, and that we welcome more and more outside love, the more we love ourselves.

What we must learn to do is let go. Ask for what you want and then accept that the Universe will do what is best. If it is a person you are asking for you must realize that the love comes from within you. Those people on the outside will be more attracted to you the more you love yourself. Fear sets into place when you try to control the situation, and that is when you begin focusing on negative energy, and when you do that is when you will get whatever the negative energy is focused on. We must not talk about all the things we don’t want in our lives. We must talk about all the things we do want. Focus on the positive and it will come to you.

When we look into ourselves we find out what we are asking for. We can get everything we ask for, if we ask for it in the right way. You might not get it the way that you thought you would or when you thought you would, but if you focus on the positive you allow that positive energy into your life.

We also must remember to ask for the best thing for us. If we do not and we try to take over the control and say this is it, you could be sorry that you got what you asked for. Always keep in your mind that God is always looking out for you and will lead you on the spiritual path that best suites you. If you choose to leave the spiritual path he cannot be responsible for trying to get you back. You have to find your own way back, and when you realize that his love, the love that is stronger than any love you ever known, is waiting for you.

When we let our heart lead us, it won’t lead us wrong. It’s when our fear leads us that we are led off our spiritual paths. That fear is a side road that we often decide to look down and even more often the average person will take. Sometimes it takes a lot of love, trust, and faith not to take this path. For it is a temptation. We want to see where that road leads to see if the grass is greener when we try to take control. If we could take the same situation and lead down two different roads, it would be interesting to see where we would end up. Somehow, I believe that everyone who was able to participate would start trusting and opening the end result up to the Universe instead of trying to take control. What a lot of us are misinformed of though is the fact that many of us do get the choice, time and time again. Look at every time we say I did it again or we are brought into the same situation over and over again. We choose every time what way we are going to go. Most if not all the time if we choose the same road to go down, we will end up with the same outcome. So the best thing for us to do is right the situations that keep repeating themselves down without writing down any names or places and check out the set up of the situation each time and pay attention to how you deal with it.

Most of us would be amazed in the similarities. What we all need to learn to do is stay on the path no matter how we think the end result should be, and whatever the end result is, even if you don’t understand it. We should thank God for the experience and thank him for giving us what is best.

If we decide to live our lives in this way, we would realize how much easier it is to see all the beauties in the world. Without fear there is only love. Every insecure feeling stems from fear, and there is no reason to live under those boundaries of fear.

Unfortunately, we must look past the way society views life because they focus on the negative energy instead of focusing on the positive. That makes living in the light of God even more necessary. Always put out your positive energies for they are the ones you want in your life.

Live with the assumption that you already have all the positive things that you want in your life. If you begin to fall into negative energy, leave the situation, get back into the positive energy and deal with the situation in your positive energy.

I give thanks today for the lessons that God puts in front of me. I know that whatever is for the best will work out. I know that God is looking out for me and my best interests. Whatever the outcome may be, I know it will be what is best. God will give me the clarity I need and take me through each life lesson. Just because I know that these life lessons are in my best interests doesn’t mean that I will not go through periods of grief as I am saying goodbye to the experiences that have found their time to expire. God would not give me gifts if I would not feel.


All the lessons that will happen in my life will lead me towards one ultimate goal. They will guide me in the direction I need to go to really find my life’s meaning. There will be times that I don’t understand my lessons and that I won’t be able to recognize them as positive right away, but I will get to the point where I see their purpose. I will see that by having that lesson it led me to where I am now.

We all need to believe that everything that works in our life is right, no matter how long it may work out. It could be right for a few hours, a few months, or the rest of our life. Lessons have time periods and they will only last as long as that particular lesson is meant to last.

The trick is giving up control. We cannot control the lessons or these time frames, what we must do is ask God for what we want and if it is what is best for us he will give it to us. We must have complete trust that God has listened to our prayers and he will lead us in the best direction to get us to the ultimate prayer. God always answers our prayers, but sometimes it is in way that we might not understand at that given time.

Going with the gut feeling is very important, if something doesn’t feel right trust it. There are signs everywhere leading us in the right direction. We just have to be able to read them. Everything happens for a reason. Even if your eyes are closed and you don’t read the signs correctly, it is an opportunity for another lesson. All the lessons you learn from life will take you to a positive place (If you see them).

Accept responsibility for the lessons you learn. If you blame anyone else for the experience you went through you have not truly taken in the lesson. Blame=blah-me. There is nothing to learn from blaming. No kind of blame helps. By blaming someone we are rejecting the lesson. Therefore situations will keep coming up till we take full responsibility.

We are never stuck in any situation. If we focus on the positive energy in every situation there will always be room for change. Change is good and change is important for growth. If we stay in any one situation long enough and it is always comfortable there, there is no growth. We must step out of our comfort zone in order to grow. Nobody knows everything and has life experiences to make them feel full the rest of their life. We must keep going and keep leaving ourselves open for new life experiences. Freedom has been given to us by God. We can get anything we want in our lives if we focus on the positive.

Society today shows us all the negative events that could possibly happen. In most movies today there is high amounts of violence and negative focus. There is a reason that there has been such an increase in violence with the younger generations and until we do something about it, it will keep getting worse and worse. We can shrink these numbers back down if we encouraged society that the positive is what we want to see. Show us the positive solutions for the acts of violence. If we all start working together, we will be guided to brighter places.

That takes a group effort and a lot of prayers, but it is amazing what even one person can do if they focus on the positive energy.

Now, having faith in timing. We ask God for things to happen in our lives and he hears us. We must make sure that we are not trying to force the answer on ourselves. We must wait and let things in our life happen. When things aren’t running smoothly and it has to do with something we asked for, it usually means that it is not the right time or there is a better situation waiting for us somewhere else.

We must read signs. Usually one of the most obvious signs is when things aren’t flowing together. When something is right, doors will open and opportunities will show themselves. We just have to have faith in God that he is doing what is best, and faith in ourselves that we will be able to see the signs.

In order to truly grow spiritually we must deal with the problems from the core. Where they first began, because only then will you be able to release them. If we do not do this, situations will keep repeating themselves and we will keep repeating our old behavior. In order to become closer to God we must trust that he will only bring up the behaviors that we are ready to deal with.

Once we have reached the point where we have released all the anger and fear from our hearts, we will be able to react and treat everybody in a loving way.


This collage of pictures was from one of my most memorable adventures. The pictures were taken within a year after writing this free writing in Sedona, AZ.  The journey after writing the piece has been amazing. I definitely had to learn many difficult lessons, but I still believe they were all necessary to lead me to where I am today, and where I will be taken tomorrow. Each step has taught me to grow in love for myself, in the Infinite Love of the Universe, in love for nature and people, and in the love I share with all those around me.

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff




In the Chaos of Change

We should be grateful for all situations that make us the most uncomfortable, because without them we would not know there is something unhealed in us.

-Ken Wapnick

We all have our own truths. They come from further back than our own lives take us. Many of them are created before we’re even born. They are based on what our families passed down from generation to generation. Was there a lot of love, fear, joy, sadness, athletes, artists, addictions, scholars, prejudices, etc.? As we grow and experience world, our beliefs can shift and change, sometimes with quite a bit of chaos as we fight our history with the person we want to become. Sometimes it takes a moment in time to make us realize change is necessary, other times the lesson can go on for years as we suffer through what we are resisting to learn.

Take this experience: Years ago, I was at my dad’s townhouse. I was in the upstairs bedroom doing something. The window looks at one of the community’s dumpsters. It’s fenced in, so it’s not an eye sore. I see a man pull up fast in a dark car with dark tinted windows. The man has gloves on, we live in Florida so this isn’t common. He gets a small bag out of the car and takes it to the dumpster. He seems to look around then quickly put the bag in the dumpster and drive off. I’m frantic. My heart is racing. Is that a gun he’s putting in there? Did he kill someone? What do I do? I run to my dad. My fear has me physically shaking as I tell him what I saw. He goes down to the dumpster and searches it. Lucky for him, not much is in there since they had recently emptied it. He found the bag…Dog shit. Yes, you heard me.

My present moment and history told me that the world was a scary place. By this time, I experienced the fear and horror of 9/11; watched countless shows about real life murders; and watched the news. I put my focus on my negative beliefs: I was in an unhealthy relationship; focused on the villains of humanity; and was a victim of my own personal universe. The world was against me. I kept these beliefs alive and spreading as I spewed my negativity to whoever would listen.


At the time, I was watching those shows about real life murders every night. I didn’t even think of the possibility that it could be someone home on his lunch break to walk his dog. That day was an instant wake up call for me. How could I have let my thinking get so dark? After that day, I stopped watching shows about what’s messed up in the world, and I tried to make sure I watched or listened to something positive before I shut my eyes. That was my first step to finding a way out of my negativity. I was tired of being what is wrong with the world. I wanted to be what is right.

After a few years of being in a really good place, I’ve felt the negativity crawling back in. The negativity started with the year and half of watching people attack each other leading up to the U.S. Presidential election. The negativity slowly started feeding into my every day life. I became more negative in all my relationships and in my perception of current circumstances. I snapped more while driving. Though, that can be easy living in a coastal town in Florida during tourist season. In the meantime, I’ve experienced two great losses in my life. I also realized, I was attached to certain plans for my future that are now gone because of the losses and the timing.

All the ways I usually use to lift my spirits back up are not working. I know logically that this isn’t a good place to be and I’m aware of when I’m being negative. Currently, I’m reading The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein. Using some of the tools that she mentions in the book has opened me up to seeing all the areas in my life where I’m being judgmental and how it’s affecting my life. The book is helping me to stay focused on prayer, and through prayer and the help of others I’m getting the signs of where I need to take my next step.


Here’s an example: when I was questioning whether or not to go to therapy, I got a call from a counseling center saying that my doctor had referred me to them. Now this meeting with my doctor took place more than a month ago after losing my grandmother, which was the second person within two months to die. I knew I needed help but I didn’t want meds. He wrote me a referral, but then his office called me saying I didn’t need the referral, I could just go on my own. I put it off and even forgot about it. Then when I questioned going, they called. I set up an appointment and went in for the evaluation. They were so backed up they couldn’t fit me in. It was ok because just knowing I took a step in the right direction and listened to the signs was making me feel better. I even told my friends and family that when I really need the therapy, they would be available. A couple weeks go by, and all the sudden I start letting life knock me down again. I start crying in prayer to God to help me. I’m fighting an anxiety attack, trying to calm myself by talking to my mom, and the phone rings. It’s the therapist office saying they have a last minute cancellation. Would I be able to make it in by 1:00PM? I know my power comes from connecting to Source energy and that will get me through all of life’s curve balls.

I went to counseling and discovered grief was having a larger effect on me than I thought. Then we mix in the weight of being a single mom, while going through a number of challenges no parent ever wishes to go through. My patience level with my kids became almost non-existent. I started feeling like a fraud. How can I write about living from a loving place when I don’t know which way is up? My whole world feels like it’s spinning, and I’m waiting for it to stop in order to fall down and find my stability. Then I know I can get back up and start walking in a straight line again. Instead, I feel all wobbly and like I’m walking on unstable ground.

Why am I telling you this? Because I know I will get out of it. I know I will find my footing and be stronger, better, and braver than I was before. I know I’m doing what I’m supposed to be because when I call for help, the Divine always shows up. I know this is all part of the process and I’m learning exactly what I need to get to the next place. I’m telling you this, because I know I’m not alone in feeling like no matter how much work I do on myself, sometimes life becomes a challenge. I’m not perfect, and don’t belong on any pedestal. No matter how much I look like I’m together, I still have times where I am just struggling to get through the day.

Thank you Universe for transforming limitation and doubt into creative possibilities.

 -Gabrielle Bernstein, The Universe Has Your Back

What’s different for me now, I’m aware that this situation is temporary. I’ve come so far since I felt like I was an unlovable waste of space. I’m not turning to self-abuse anymore. I question, I pray, and I feel my way through.

I keep getting signs that I’m being taken care of and my prayers are being heard. I’m reminded that I’m looking through a straw-hole view of my life. I can’t see the big picture, but the Divine can and I’m being led exactly where I’m supposed to be going. I also have been reminded multiple times to stay within my 24 hours (See link by clicking)   Doing this makes my life manageable. I’m not reaching back to the past or out to some unknown future. What do I need to get done today?


I’m in the midst of change. Everything is stirred up around me. One of my spiritual growth spurts is upon me. The chaos of change is opening me up to see where old beliefs aren’t working for me anymore. I don’t know how long this growth spurt will take, but I know it will be for the better and help me live my life from a more loving place. I just need to take a step daily that directs me to the life I want, and pray that I remain open to all the lessons and signs  from the Universe.  Today,  I stop resisting the lessons, and I choose to be better.

With Love & Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff