Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #308

I’m grateful for the wellness-minded. I love when people consider the whole of a person and not just any ONE area. I love when I can discover ways to take care of my mind, body, and soul in a wellness-minded fashion instead of reacting to a health concern or emergency. Wellness-minded people pay attention to how their emotional, spiritual, intellectual, physical, social, occupational, environmental, and financial aspects of their lives all work together to live healthy wholehearted lives. I love keeping myself educated in all these different areas of well-being. I’m definitely stronger in some areas than others, but that is where my appreciation for other people’s journey’s takes hold. I get AHA moments of how the different areas connect all the time. I’m fascinated by how the mind works with the body to create wellness, good health, sickness, and disease (dis-ease). I can only move further along on my journey of wellness by remaining open to learn, change, grow, and expand through listening to other people’s experiences.

The more tuned-in I am to my wellness, the more I recognize when I need to work on particular areas to reach my optimal energy alignment—love, abundance, and peace. I don’t figure all this all out on my own. I read EVERY DAY! I get outside assistance when I need it. I do my best not to contribute my energy to places that will feed my energy of fear, lack, and separation. My focus is on fueling my energy of love, abundance, and peace. Wellness-minded people are the ones who help me, which is why I’m so grateful for them.

Now, there is always a shadow side of every human. Even certain wellness-minded people can get lost and consumed by the energy of fear, lack, and separation. Just because someone is wellness-minded doesn’t mean they are perfect and perfectly balanced in all these areas of their lives. We are all on a journey. One person may have focused a lot on one or a few of those areas and really struggle in others. They are on a journey just like me, we are all just doing our best to live wholehearted lives. I’m NOT going to agree with all of their perspectives of truth, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not open to appreciate what does resonate with me.

Right now especially, I find many people are stuck in a black or white zone. I see a lot of all-in or all- out thinking. I lived there as a teen, which led me down a very dark path. It took me over a decade to figure out the damage I was doing to myself with that black and white thinking. When I opened up my world to the grey, I truly began to understand the value of a concept I learned in AL-ANON, take what you like and leave the rest. That has become a mantra I use on a regular basis to remind myself to listen openly to others. I pay close attention to where my energy is aligned. If I’m making a choice out of fear, lack, and separation, I know I’m not focused on my wellness. I’m fueling energy that will create dis-ease in my mind, body, and soul.

Today, I commit to living wellness-minded. I decided today is a wonderful day to focus on my wellness journey. It’s been a long time since I wrote down where I was and what my goals are for each area of my wellness. I find that it’s good to look at each area and see where I am, how I’m aligning that area with the energy of love, abundance, and peace, and figure out my goals for each particular area. Here’s my plan:

  1. Take out some paper and a pencil—When doing this kind of work, I find physically writing things down helps me connect more.
  2. Write the different areas out with plenty of space to write under each one. I will probably use two pieces of paper and have two to three areas per side: Emotional, Spiritual, Intellectual, Physical, Social, Occupational, Environmental, and Financial.
  3. For each area, I will ask myself these questions: How am I taking care of myself in this area of my life? What energy am I aligning with the majority of the time in this area—Love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation? What would help me align with area with love, abundance, and peace? What is my goal for this part of my journey?
  4. I will wrap it up with a prayer thanking the Divine for any messengers, signs, and assistance that is sent to align me with the energy of the love, abundance, and peace in each area. I will also ask for help deciphering what is coming from the energy of fear, lack, and separation and what is coming from the energy of love, abundance, and peace.

I find that when I set-up seeing clear messages of love, abundance, and peace or fear, lack, and separation, I’m shown VERY clear messages, signs, and assistance. For example, many things I’m reading right now are showing me where my thinking and beliefs are still tied to lack. I see it clearly because I will either read the word, “lack” or someone will say it while explaining something. The energy of fear, lack, and separation is ALL a part of fear, but just thinking about fear, I found that I was missing the parts of fear that were tied to lack and separation. Breaking it down helps me see it all more clearly. This is also why it’s important for me to look at all the different areas of wellness. They are all a part of wellness, but breaking them down helps me to see each area a little more clearly. I might be feeding one area constant love, abundance, and peace, but then in another area I’m still connecting my energy to fear, lack, and separation, which is why if something coming from that area triggers me, I might slip into the energy of fear, lack, and separation fully and go down a negative spiral.

Doing this can sometimes bring up some stuff that I was avoiding looking at. When that happens, I remind myself that I’m looking at this through a lens of perspective. I can change any perspective that is not serving my highest good. If I have trouble seeing a healthy perspective, I go in search of it. I may search out Ted Talks, Byron Katie’s work, YouTube videos, and/or read books and articles to help me move out an old belief that is not serving me in a productive way. The healthier I am body, mind, and soul, the more I get to serve others from a loving place. That is what makes all this work worth it!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

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90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 83 – Taking Responsibility for Inviting Dark Energy into Our Internal Homes

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 83: Taking Responsibility for Inviting the Dark Energy into Our Internal Homes

“I think we are all advised to keep on nodding terms with the people we used to be, whether we find them attractive company or not. Otherwise they turn up unannounced and surprise us, come hammering on the mind’s door at 4 A.M. of a bad night and demand to know who deserted them, who betrayed them, who is going to make amends.”

-Joan Didion

We are the only ones who can invite dark toxic energy into our internal homes. We are the only ones who can turn our homes into dilapidated shacks by not taking care of them. No one is to blame for how we feel inside of us, but we are responsible. The outside world may take away choices from specific situations and we may be led down some paths that our mere physical survival is a miracle—Inside we have choices. We can write whatever story we want about our internal lives. We can connect and/or disconnect to any perspective of truth, story, feeling, and/or thought. We just have to be open enough to see that inside us is where true freedom lies.

In Part II, I wrote about accepting our pasts and releasing the unknown future. The more we can get into the NOW, the less likely that those stories from the past and the attachments to some unknown future will be used to tear apart our internal homes. Trauma therapy uses techniques to help detach a person from the story of their trauma. This doesn’t mean the trauma didn’t happen, but the story of it is what keeps it hurting us now even if the actual trauma happened decades ago.

When we let these stories live inside of us, we are living within a dilapidated shack that needs a re-model to make it the internal home of our dreams. The problem is when our internal world has a dilapidated shack at the center of it; we invite dark and toxic energy into our internal world on a regular basis. We actually are comfortable in that energy because that is where we internally live. We attract people in the physical world who will bring us the energy we feed on to comfortably live within our internal worlds. If we are attached to an internal world filled with chaos, we attract chaos. If we are attached to an internal world filled with fear, shame, blame, guilt, shame, judgment, hate, and vengeance—YOU GOT IT! The Universe will give you what you are asking by what you are projecting out. If your words to the Universe don’t match what is going on inside of you, what is going on inside of you will trump any words you speak. The darkness we invite in is our teacher for some VERY important lessons.

We are responsible for any darkness in our internal homes or dilapidated shacks. Every home will have dark spots, but if we are willing to see them, shine the light on them, and clean up that area where the darkness touched—WE HEAL!  We learn the lesson the teacher brought us. We get better! We strengthen the light within us.

Part of the process to being a better me is being able to see our own darkness with clarity. Our darkness has a beautiful purpose. It can serve us if we are willing to look at it instead of letting it grow, fester, and spread. When we attract someone to our lives that shows us our internal chaos, we have the opportunity to clean up our own darkness. We can’t assign this cleanup, remodel, and/or gut job to anybody else. If we want to change, we have to take the responsibility to look at ourselves when presented by the darkness in our physical world. If we are attaching to it, we bring it inside of us and we’ve invited it in.

6 Steps to Transforming the Darkness within Our Internal Homes

  1. Recognize the dark energy festering inside of you that was triggered by an outside source (person, animal, event, object, etc.). How are you responsible for inviting this energy in? What about this outside source created your own darkness to stir up inside of you? What about this source are you attaching to?
  2. See thought options that can shine light on your darkness. Don’t focus on changing your thoughts here, just look at your options of thoughts. What thoughts could bring peace, calm, joy, compassion, empathy, trust, faith, hope, freedom, positivity, purpose, etc. to the dark room in your home? These are your cleanup products and tools to help you fix-up any space the darkness affected. Once you know your options…
  3. Choose an action to help you turn your light on. The light switch can be prayer, dance, meditation, yoga, conscious breathing, mindfulness practices, walking, consciously exploring nature, and the list goes on and on. Many of these tools have been mentioned throughout the series.
  4. Spot the toxic waste left behind from past darkness. Be careful because toxic waste can be tricky to handle. It likes to spread poison within our homes making the structure weak. Like mold, it can hide inside our walls. The more open we are to let the darkness pass through us, the more we will be able to see any toxic spots that are trying to linger, fester, grow and spread. These are those deep belief systems (perspectives of truth) that are latching on to keep the dark thoughts that were triggered alive. The thoughts that were triggered are exposing some of the toxins left behind from long ago they show themselves as entitlement, envy, greed, sloth, vengeance, cruelty, victimhood, and rage—Just to name a few. All of these are derivatives of FEAR.
  5. START CLEANING! You see it; now clean it up with the products and tools you’ve been given. The more you get these toxic energies cleaned out, the closer you get to living and leading a purpose-filled life with a deep connection to your Divine source. Your light gets brighter the more you clean out.
  6. Be grateful for what the dark energy within you exposed. Be grateful for the teacher and the lesson. Now, the old you might have sunk into the depths of shame and guilt when you invited dark energy into your home. You might have contributed to making rooms darker and turning off more lights to the point where things around you began to fall apart and crumble. The better you has the opportunity to grow and expand from the exposed darkness. You have learned how to shine your light effectively into your home and find the secrets hidden in the walls. This is something to be EXTREMELY grateful for.

We now can create an even better space than we had before. We took responsibility for our mess and cleaned it up! So embrace the darkness and what it shows us. Fighting it and/or numbing it (addictions) will only make it stronger. We want to learn from what it has to show us. We want it to help us spot the areas we need to clean up and re-purpose. You have all the products and tools you need in this very moment. The more you use the tools you already have, the more that will become available to you in order to grow and expand from the place you are.

If you are reading this piece separately, I invite you to go back and see what you’ve missed in the series. The 90-Day A Better Me Series is like a puzzle. You want to have all the pieces to see the whole picture. Here’s a quick link to the category so that you can go back and explore what you’ve missed: https://fromalovingplace.com/category/90-day-a-better-me-series/

For best results: I suggest reading the series all the way through. You may find that by doing this you are led to people, places, and/or things that open up new doors and pathways to lead you to be living a purpose-filled life—Miracles abound! You just have to take the journey and trust that at this moment, you are exactly where you are meant to be.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

Today’s Letter from A Better Me: 90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 83 – Taking Responsibility for Inviting the Dark Energy into My Internal Home