Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #134

I’m grateful I learned to receive without guilt. I learned a long time ago how important this is to people who are genuinely giving from the heart. When people are authentically giving from a loving place, they are not giving to others to make them feel bad or less than. They are giving because they genuinely want to do something that feels good. It feels good to give. I know when I give, I feel good about not feeling helpless in a situation. Even if what I’m giving is a smile and a small conversation to a cashier who may have been ignored by the last five customers. When I give gifts, I give them because I want to give them. If I’m in a position to help someone, and it feels aligned inside like I talked about in yesterday’s post, giving is a much a gift to the giver as it is to the receiver. When we feel guilty about receiving, the giver may not get to experience the full joy of authentic gratitude, because the of the energy of guilt. If we want the giver to feel love, abundance, and peace, we have to receive in the energy of love, abundance, and peace. If our energy is aligned, the exchanges amplifies the energy!!! How awesome is that?! Now, both parties are more aligned to manifest wonderful things in the Universe.

Here’s the other thing, when we align our energy love, abundance, and peace, we are manifesting that energy to come back to us. When the Universe sends us a gift with a human as the messenger, why would we taint the flow of our energy with fear, lack, and separation, which is where guilt comes from. That is going against the very energy we want to be bringing back to us.

Today, I commit to receiving with love, abundance, and peace. This is where authentic gratitude comes from. It’s a gift to the giver when we share this beautiful energy with them. This holiday season, I’m making sure I’m aligning my energy of love, abundance, and peace as I receive gifts from the people who love me and strangers who are spreading their own love, abundance, and peace. I will keep the chain of kindness going so that it amplifies and creates more. I hope you will commit to doing this with me this holiday season. The world needs a boost! Let’s rise together!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me

As I told you yesterday, I did a Facebook Live yesterday with the amazing, Sherry Richert-Belul. We had a beautiful conversation about love, compassion, humanity, and the gifts we can offer to others with it.

Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #132

I’m grateful for the power to manifest with gratitude. One of the best and most rewarding ways to manifest I’ve ever learned was through gratitude. Beautiful things happen when we align with the energy of abundance, which is gratitude. Abundance is about being grateful for what we have on a daily basis. We choose to live in lack or abundance daily. Often we don’t even see where we are contributing to the energy of lack. What I’ve found is when I commit to live in the energy of abundance, I start manifesting like crazy!! I find myself with more and more to be grateful for. Money shows up, adventures present themselves, opportunities are handed to me, and sometimes even the exact thing I need in the moment appears. I keep getting the reminder to say thank you BEFORE the thing I want shows up. Each time I do that, I feel the energy of already having it. I will say things like, “I’m grateful for the money in my bank account. Thank you Universe for always making sure the money I need shows up.” I’ve also planned whole trips with having no idea how I was going to make it happen. Then through a daily commitment to gratitude, all these things start lining up to make the trip a reality.

In my 35-day A Better Me Boot Camp, I love watching the wild things that start happening to participants with the daily commitment to writing down three things they are grateful for. One of the participants had their rent money show up in the most wonderful way when just a day before, she had no idea where the money was coming from. When we align with abundance, we are naturally aligning with love. People can be rich, and not be abundant. I’ve known some rich people who live in a constant state of lack. I know others who truly live in the energy of abundance, and they are the ones that actually do so much to change the world for the better.

Today, I commit to manifesting what I want through the practice of gratitude. When I write my gratitude list today, I’m going to thank God for always making sure I have what I need to live the life of my dreams. I’m going to thank the Universe for attracting such great adventures to my life. I’m going to be thankful for the many lessons I’ve learned from that have made me strong, compassionate, and wise. I’m smiling as I write these words, because I can feel the energy running through my body.

One of the mistakes I see with people trying to manifest is that they don’t align their feelings with their words. We can’t fake the energy of abundance. If we are really feeling lack when we are writing about abundance, we will continue to focus on the lack and attract more things that make us feel like we are not getting enough. This isn’t just material things, this is love, spiritual connections, money, opportunities, etc. Make sure your energy is aligned with what you are saying you are grateful for. Words have no power if the emotions aren’t fueling them, for better or for worse. We are just as capable of manifesting through fear, lack, and separation if that is where our energy is aligned. I much rather align myself with love, abundance, and peace and manifest from there. Happy manifesting!!

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series: Day 88 – Trusting Who and What Manifests in My Life

Letters from A Better Me

90-Day A Better Me Letters Series

Part III: Living the Journey

Making the Now Count: Rebuilding our Lives

Day 88: Trusting Who and What Manifests in My Life

Dear Self,

Ever since I began living my life in gratitude, I’ve embraced what manifests in my life. I know I talk to myself a lot more than I ever did as I work through thoughts in my head, but that’s just apart of what makes life fun. The one thing is if I’m not present, I start manifesting lessons, and my only way through them is to face any feelings, thoughts, and/or perspectives of truth that comeup. If I don’t, I start not to like what is manifesting. The lessons get more challenging and they hit me hard. Eventually, I learn what I need to learn, but sometimes it takes me kicking and screaming.

I’m so grateful to say that those times happen less and less and for shorter periods of time. I can spot the shifts in energy before I let myself spin into story. That’s the blessing of the energy of gratitude. It allows me a fast way to help me transmute energy from lack to abundance fairly quickly. Once I do that, get back to presence, I enjoy manifesting once again. I don’t attach to what I’m manifesting like I used to. I pay close attention to what I’m projecting. If I’m conscious about what I’m projecting, what I’m manifesting falls into place.

Praying is one of my biggest tools in my toolbox. Learning how to pray for help in a way that wasn’t putting my will above God’s will was a BIG AHA moment. I used to get so attached to my way that I would try to take over the job of the Creator of Divine energy. I laugh now at how far I’ve come. Prayer helps to center me and reminds me to focus my energy on loving vibes. If I need help staying in loving energy, I’m not afraid to ask.

I’m amazed how much my life has changed from all these little steps I’ve taken to get out of my own way, because that’s all it ever is. Nobody can make or break me, except for me. I’m the writer of this story, and I choose to be a heroine. What I project manifests into an amazing life filled with so many great adventures. I have to keep doing the work to keep up with my self-care, so that my head is in the right place. When my head is in the right place, I fully trust who and what manifests in my life.

Today I’m Grateful

  1. I’m so grateful for the energy to manifest great adventures.
  2. I’m grateful to be conscious enough to appreciate the lessons I manifest from my darkness when I need to heal.
  3. I’m so incredibly grateful for the energy of gratitude.
  4. I’m grateful for the power of presence and the authentic joy that comes with it.
  5. I’m grateful for my connection to Divine Energy that gives me so much faith and hope to appreciate my journey on this planet.

With Love and Gratitude,


A Better Me


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 38 – Being Secure in Our Present Moment

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part II: A Journey of Perspective

What Launches Us Forward: The Stable Foundation

Day 38: Being Secure in Our Present Moment

“One thing we do know: Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness. How do you know this is the experience you need? Because this is the experience you are having at this moment.”

-Eckhart Tolle

We can easily get stuck in the trap of what we think should be happening at this very moment. Guess what, IT ISN’T! Nothing should be happening different than it is in this very moment or it would be happening. We aren’t supposed to be farther along. We aren’t supposed to be without the challenges we have. We aren’t supposed to be feeling different than we are. If we are stuck in the cycle thinking things should be what they are not, we are projecting an idea of a future on our present moment that doesn’t belong there. There is a difference between having goals and shoulding the joy and peace right out of us. You are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be in this moment.

Whatever lesson is in front of you is the one you are supposed to be experiencing. It doesn’t matter if it’s an easy flowing lesson that we breeze through or a hard-hitting knock our asses to the ground lesson that has us questioning our faith and/or anything and everything we believe in. Each experience is a necessary step in our journey. The sooner we can accept the importance of the moment we’re in, we can feel secure and open to receive the gifts that come with the experience. We may need to be questioning our beliefs to open our perspectives and break us open to experience a new level of faith, but sometimes we can’t do this if we are clogged with old beliefs that don’t allow this to happen. The struggle that you are facing right now could be the one that breaks you wide open to experience life in a whole new way. You can only find out if you move out of your own way and accept the moment.

If we are so lost in our struggle of not having enough, not being enough, and not giving enough; we are stuck in the energy of fear/lack. Here is where we see the Law of Attraction come into play. All we do is project that lack and manifest more things that will engage that feeling of lack. I know that isn’t what most of you want. Lack can be a projection that came from generations ago in your family. If no one in your family changed the pattern that comes with projecting lack, well it was passed to you. Now it’s up to you to change that energy if you don’t want to pass it down to the next generation. Lack is the opposite of the energy of gratitude. Gratitude is what comes from seeing the blessing in our current situations no matter how challenging they are. Gratitude is the path out of the energy of lack. We will start the section on gratitude on Day 47 of this 90-Day A Better Me Series.


Being secure in our present moment is accepting that everything is exactly how it’s supposed to be. We are no longer fighting reality. It is was it isstops being a saying that we add BUT to like I brought up on Day 36. When we are in full acceptance of our present moment, we stop getting ourselves trapped in the cycle of judgment, which once again gets projected than manifested into even harder lessons about judgment.

There are moments we aren’t going to understand in the bigger scheme of things and/or Universal lessons. We’ve projected a lot of fear, blame, shame, judgment, hate, and overall darkness into the world speaking as a collective species. Therefor we have already manifested a lot of darkness for us to learn from. The blessing is that more and more people are becoming aware of the energy they are contributing and have starting making more and more strides at projecting light.

We’ve had people spreading light from as far back as we have stories. This is the basis of many religions, and sometimes with the influence of humans on the story, we lose the messages of love. Fear and love project and manifest two very different things. Love unites and fear divides. We have to remain very aware by what is leading us through every moment if we are going to get the most out of it. We can make every moment count by embracing a perspective that this moment is important and necessary to our growth as a person and  as a contributor to the global energy being projected.

Being secure in our present moment opens us up to taking a step that will benefit our energy that we are projecting. This is one of the current lessons I face in my journey as a writer. I have a book out to publishers and I have to trust that everything is exactly how it should be right now. If the book sells, awesome! If the book doesn’t sell, awesome! I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing right now in this moment and whatever experience I’m meant to go through I will because that is what is. I can have goals, but it is the steps I take in each moment that count. It is the energy I give to the moment that will create my pathway of learning experiences. That’s why today I’m choosing to enjoy the journey! My perspective on my reality is my choice. It doesn’t matter how many people try to influence how I see my life—That is their business. Whatever they are projecting is on them. What I choose is on me. I’m choosing to be secure in my present moment. What you do is up to you.  Choose wisely!

Just for Today

If you think you should be anywhere but where you are in this current moment, or you think you shouldn’t be experiencing something you are experiencing right now, take out your notebook and write down how you could view your current situation through eyes of acceptance. What does that look like? How does that feel? What do you think you can learn from your current situation? What areas of fear are keeping you trapped from experiencing the moment you are in? What energy are you projecting into your current moment? Is that what you want to be manifesting more of? What can you do right in this moment to change the energy you are projecting? If you struggle with finding actions to take to get yourself out of the mindset you are in, PART III is all about action steps. Make sure to follow along with the 90-Day A Better Me Series by scrolling down and following via e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and/or on WordPress. Enjoy the journey from this moment you are in right now!


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019


Today’s Letter from a Better Me “Embracing Where I am Now”. Invest your time in a perspective that can contribute to the energy you want to be projecting to the world. Thanks for reading! I hope you can find the blessings in your day!


90-Day A Better Me Series: Day 24 – Manifesting Hate

90-Day A Better Me Series

Part I: A Journey of Awareness

What Holds Us Back: The Unstable Foundation

Day 24: Manifesting Hate

“Of one thing we can be certain: a person that is engaging in violence is hurting deeply, because a healthy and balanced soul is incapable of harming another.”

-Gary Zukav The Seat of the Soul

When we fight hate with hate, we manifest more hate in the world. This is not a judgment, it just is. I love the definition of insanity that says, “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different result.” Our focus on the problem, the problem, the problem and looking outward to point fingers has created MORE problems. We’ve gotten  to the point where people are ready to fight and engage in war at second. This could be internal or external war, whether it be in the mirror, on social media, sitting in traffic, walking through a store, in school, at sporting events. We are trained to see the worst in people, so we are capable of taking anything like it is a personal attack against us. The only thing that happens by following these feeling, thought, action, and reaction patterns is the manifestation of more hate.

When people learn about the Law of Attraction one of the things they don’t see is the Law of Attraction goes both ways. It’s not just about making a vision board, a list of what your desires are, and some positive thoughts. The Law of Attraction goes to the roots of your core feelings, ideas, and beliefs. You are attracting what is happening in the core, not what is on the surface. If you are filled with inner hate towards yourself and/or others, that is what you will manifest in your reality. This means toxic relationships, traffic incidents, problems dealing with people, money problems and that is just on a personal level. Now, lets amplify the energy by all the people focused on hate, even if they think their hate is justified. Do you see the problem here? I’m not a person who believes in accidents. Even the darkest events have purpose to teach us and help us grow. We just have to be open to learn. If we shut our minds down because old beliefs systems tell us that can’t be true, and we turn it into a war, our minds are shut down and we are once again feeding the fear/hate cycle—Manifesting more hate.

Some will blame God, politics, media, left-wingers, right-wingers, men, women, Christians, Muslims, Jews, agnostics, violent games, violence in the media, and the list goes on and on. The truth is the second we point the finger, we are responsible for the energy we’ve fueled into the global manifesting of hate. Blame is a fear-based energy that manifests more fear—Hate is the build-up of fear (If you want to read more about fear and blame, go back to the main page and start the series from the beginning or pick and choose what you want to read about).

Some even believe that this build up of energy is the reason for terrorist attacks, natural disasters, and, any and all acts of violence. Once a traumatic event happens, many of our compassionate loving energy comes out and we feel a shift, which helps restore the energy balance. Just another perspective of thought to think about…

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

-Martin Luther King Jr.

Hate manifested inward can lead to some devastating internal and external consequences such as (to name a few):

  • Addiction
  • Tumors
  • Cancer
  • Pain
  • Suicidal dreams
  • Violent dreams
  • Attracting violence (Tomorrow’s installment)
  • Narcissist Personality Disorder
  • Sociopaths

To me, that is way too big a burden. This is just another reason to be conscious of where our energy is going. Like I’ve said before, none of us are going to do this perfectly. We are all works in progress. We just focus on doing the best we can, and not making the mistake to self-abuse when we make mistakes or have feelings come up. We need to allow ourselves to FEEL fully, process the feelings, and then re-frame. We can’t stuff feelings that we don’t want. That just manifests more of what we don’t want. Journaling and letter-writing are GREAT tools to process feelings to get them out of our bodies, which helps not to create toxic blocks in the body. Then using those same tools it’s easy to process and re-frame. This is the safest way to make sure we aren’t taking OUR misplaced feelings out on others, and we can stop the process of using our feelings to attack ourselves too.

Just for Today

Write a letter to yourself to help you process feelings that feed fear and hate cycles. Be as honest as you can about the feelings. Don’t run from them! This is not a letter you will share with anybody. Don’t limit or do a surface swipe, DIG DEEP!! The feelings at the core are the ones that do the most damage. Don’t worry about how it looks on paper. This isn’t a place to judge yourself for what your feeling. The most important thing is that you take full responsibility for your feelings. DO NOT blame your feelings on anyone else. They are yours! Take ownership of them. Trust me, they have already taken up residents in your body. The weight you want to carry of unresolved feelings is up to you. You don’t need anyone else to release or do anything! Write it out, burn it and turn it over! Just get it out of you. If you do this exercise, drink a ton of water and remember crying is a very good thing. Visualize your tears cleaning the window to your soul.

Thank you for reading today’s installment. I hope you will be back tomorrow! If you want to get e-mails the second each day is published, just scroll down and enter your e-mail address below.


With Love and Gratitude,


Rachael Wolff ©2019

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