Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #43

I’m SO grateful for the books that have helped to empower my life. When I ask God how to get me out of my own way, I’m usually given signs through books. This is just one of my 5 shelves filled with books that have contributed to my ever expanding mind. Byron Katie, one of my favorite authors says, “There are no knew thoughts.” Most of the books I read align me with the energy of love, abundance, and peace. They may say different things, but what I find is so many of the messages overlap in the most beautiful ways. I feel like we all interpret the world with just enough of a different spin. When we are the writers of these books, how we’ve written them is how we internalize and process the messages. Whatever books the reader resonates with are most aligned with the energy they feed inside of them. What’s interesting to me is when people argue and debate about different ways of viewing the same idea. Someone thinks they are right and the other is wrong, when really, we are all just absorbing information through our own lenses. We might absolutely love a book and see things differently than the author interpreted it. I’ve come to the place that I don’t expect to be 100% aligned with what I read, but what’s important is it helps me to align with the energy that feels best to me.

Today, I commit to reading daily to align my energy with love, abundance, and peace. What book can you ready that will help you align your energy with love, abundance, and peace? Did a book come to your head right as you read the last question? If so, that is the book. If a book didn’t come to your head, write down the question. Take a few deep breaths, and see what comes to you. It may not be this very second. A friend may mention a book out of the blue, or you see an ad, do a search, or someone gives you a book. When it’s the right book, something in your body will tell you. I’m amazed at how this works. Commit to reading just a few pages a day. If you end up reading more, great. If you prefer audiobooks, do it that way. I have over a hundred audiobooks and have listen to some two or more times. I love audiobooks, because I’m not trying to fit something else into my schedule. My favorite times to listen is when I’m walking or driving. Just remember, we want to surround ourselves with the energy we want to see more of. We have to fuel our senses to spot it and absorb it. Reading and/or listening to books that align us with the energy is a great way to do it.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020


Friday Feel-Good Book Series: Books that Gave Me Seeds to Thrive

New Series Starts September 20, 2019

Hello Friends, Followers, and Visitors:

I’m starting a new series! I decided Fridays was a good day to tell you about the books that gave me seeds to thrive. Each Friday, I will tell you about a book I’ve read on my journey and why I would recommend it. The books will not be in any particular order. Just know that every Friday, until I feel like I’m done, I will share one of my treasures with you. It will be your choice if you decide you want to plant one of these seeds in your garden. I encourage comments, insights, and sharing the books that helped you. You never know what book I will feel energetically pulled to read next. I tend to have a good two to three books going at a time. Just remember the name of my site, comments should come from a loving place, or they won’t be posted. If there is a quote from a book that inspires you to live better, you can share it along with the author name, book title, and the page number the quote is from.

Why am I Doing This?

I’m often asked about the books I read. For those who don’t know me, I’m an avid reader of ways to make life better. I started my love of reading about this over thirty years ago. Here are a few of my favorite topics: self-help, spirituality, personal transformation, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, healthy living, brain studies, human development, sociology, psychology, religion, and cultural anthropology. Reading all these books has helped me see the person I want to be, ways (not one way) to get there, and be open to see what could be holding me back. They helped me discover my strengths and weaknesses, along with what I was ready for and what I wasn’t. I also have read about plenty of ways I don’t want to live. 

In every book I’ve read, I’ve discovered there are no new concepts, just different ways of presenting them. If the writer is viewing a concept through a place of fear, I look at how that affects their view of interpretation. If a writer is seeing a concept through a place of love, I look to see how I’m connecting to their beliefs about the topic before I consider their perspective of truth. No matter what, I know and understand that every writer is speaking from his or her own place of truth. I understand that just because they believe a certain way of doing things is the right way, it’s up to me to decide what is the best way for me. In the end, only I can decide the perspectives of truth that I will form my reality around. No one can force us to have a belief that serves or doesn’t serve us living our best lives. We have to be open to see how our own beliefs are affecting our reality and make a choice on whether or not to keep our energy believing what we do. 

I believe I can learn from EVERYTHING I read. If I feel an energetic pull to read something, I know there was a reason I was meant to read it. I look for the lessons. There hasn’t been a book in the categories I listed above that I got nothing from. There are some that I put down, because when the energetic force stopped pulling me to read it, I knew I got what I needed. Being a reader of this kind of material, it’s good to trust the journey. We don’t know where it’s leading us. 

When I read A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson at fourteen, I had no idea the journey I was about to go on. I’ve read the book at least four times now and I find something new and different that resonates EVERY time. My fourteen-year-old self wasn’t ready for a lot of what I was reading, but it gave me seeds. I could see I wanted to live from a loving place. I just would have to go through a lot of life experiences before the material would truly sink in. 

I picked up The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle three times throughout a period of five or six years before I was ready to grasp his voice. I would make it through a couple of chapters, then put it down. I actually ended up reading A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle first. I did the Oprah course she had on it. After doing that, when I picked up The Power of Now again, I got it and loved it! I read it right when I needed to and right when it was important for a big step in my journey. 

The point is, when we are invested in this type of material, TRUST THE JOURNEY! Don’t beat yourself up about what you should read, or what you should do. You are ready when you’re ready. If you feel pulled to read something, GET THE BOOK! If you’re reading and all the sudden you stop—It’s okay! You read what you needed to for now, or you would have felt pulled to read more. Don’t get rid of the book! Sometimes you will find that it’s years before you’re ready, but it’s good to have so that when you are ready for it, you can open it and just start reading.  I can’t even begin to tell you how many times this has happened to me. 

I hope you are excited to get on board! The fun will begin soon. See you back here Friday!

With Love and Gratitude, 

Rachael Wolff ©2019