Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #265


An excerpt from Letters from a Better Me is at the bottom of this piece. Happy Earth Day everybody!

I’m grateful for the many AWE-INSPIRING gifts from the EARTH! I’m actually overwhelmed with gratitude. I feel waterfalls welling up in my eyes as I think of all the valuable lessons I’ve got from living on this AMAZING planet. I’ve experienced the oneness of the energy that is in everyone and everything. I’ve experienced the purest forms of love, joy, passion, compassion, wisdom, and AWE when I allow myself to embrace moments in nature—the AWE! When I think about abundance, I don’t know anything more abundant than the Earth. I’m also not surprised that when I tap into the Earth’s wisdom I am at peace—Love, abundance, and peace. This is why nature is one of my quickest ways back to the energy of love, abundance, and peace, and one of the places I embrace when I want to extend and amplify my energy of love, abundance, and peace.

There are so many lessons I’ve absorbed from nature and our natural resources. I’ve had some of my greatest moments of AWE staring at mountain, ocean, and forest views. I’ve gained strength from the life of trees. Persevering through rough and steep terrains helped me to power through those brutal emotional and traumatic terrains. Watching the way water moves in a river showed me the power of going with the flow. The reminder that life keeps moving with the rise and fall of the sun and the moon lets me know that their is always movement and within the movement a consistency I can trust.

I’m so grateful for all the nourishment the Earth provides for my body, mind, and soul. Today, I celebrate the Earth’s wisdom, strength, perseverance, resilience, and beauty. Thank you for providing us all with a home to live.

Today, I commit to honoring the AWE-INSPIRING gifts the Earth offers. As a way to honor this amazing planet, I’m committed to contributing to raising the energy vibration to help her heal and strengthen. I commit to living in the energy of love, abundance, and peace and feeding it back into the planet throughout the day.

How this looks: I will intentionally do things today to get my energy up to the state of AWE. Then when I’m in that state of AWE, I will commit to feeding that energy back into the planet through a loving act of kindness. This act could be things like:

  • Picking up trash that others have left behind
  • Talking to the trees, plants, and flowers from that state of AWE
  • Sending prayers for the energy to heal the Earth
  • Consciously lessening my carbon footprint
  • Thanking the trees for providing me with oxygen to breathe
  • Drink from paper straws and out of washable cups
  • Support companies who are working to preserve our environment
  • Stay in the energy of love, abundance, and peace and spread joy from there

Those are just a few things I can do to honor this most amazing gift of getting the opportunity to live on this planet. What will you do today?

There are 100 more days left to go on this incredible journey. Thank you to all of those who’ve been on it with me. This has one big AMAZING adventure.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2021

Author of Letters from a Better Me: How Becoming an Empowered Woman Transforms the World

Excerpt from Letters from a Better Me in honor of #Earthday2021


Finding our own lessons from nature acts as a centering tool. It helps us get out of the human box that we sometimes create for ourselves. When we look at nature and how it works, it can help clear our vision and get out of our resistance to the changing tide. We are meant to change, grow, and expand. Our journey is meant to be transformational.

Nature is a great place to gain perspective, even if that means going right outside our door and planting our feet on the Earth. Take the time to feel the energy of the Earth come up through your toes. Use your senses and really feel the energy, smell the air, and hear whatever noises she brings you in that moment. Imagine yourself as a tree with your roots extending through the Earth and stretching through each grain of dirt and sand. Nature is a reminder that we are all connected energy. When we connect through love we create; when we connect through fear we destroy. 

Think about a raging river. We can see how the water moves despite anything in its way. If it can’t get through one way it will find another way, but it keeps flowing. Then, at times, it will come to place where it runs slowly and peacefully before picking up speed again. It’s just like life; we will hit bumps and certain doors will be closed so we can’t get through, but it means we find another way. It may not be the path we thought would be best, but that’s just our thinking. If a door is closed, there is always another way. Life will keep flowing and, if we don’t resist it, we know we are going exactly where we are meant to be. There will be times where the water is peaceful and other times where we have to move with gusts of energy. 

To live empowered is a daily practice, and we need all the tools we can get to keep us in a loving and empowered place. We are offered fear daily, but we don’t have to accept it. Remember to connect with nature. When nature brings tornados, hurricanes, fires, floods, and tsunamis, we learn about love, compassion, empathy, change, re-building, community, priorities, and the value of life itself. Nature teaches this too shall pass and that we have no idea what tomorrow will bring. If that is not a good reason to live today, I don’t know what is. Our judgments of good and bad are us looking at a straw-holed size of the big picture. We have no idea why things happen the way they do. What we can do is keep learning, growing, and expanding. 

When we start respecting nature and the lessons she has to offer, we begin transforming our beliefs, thoughts, and actions to take better care of her. We start being more conscious of how we can help sustain her beauty. We start standing up for survival in our own ways. Just another way we transform the world by becoming empowered.—Copyright ©Rachael Wolff 2020, Letters from a Better Me, Published by Mango Publishing

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Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #130

I’m grateful for nature walks. There is something about the energy of nature that brings me peace. I have walked on some of my worst days, and it’s made them feel bearable. I walked through my grief of loving my dad and “special” mom (my dad’s partner of 21 years). I walked through surviving abuse and one of my closest friend’s son being murdered. I’ve walked through this pandemic and all the chaos of 2020. I’ve also walked on some of my greatest adventures. I’ve hiked, climbed, and experienced AWE of nature’s beauty. I’ve taken my kids to the top of mountains where we could experience the AWE together. I’ve stopped to feel the energy of trees that have been on this Earth for hundreds of years.

When I slow down enough, I can feel the purest form of energy pulsing through my limbs and soothing my soul. One of the things I love about the nature walks I do, I have to be where my feet are. I need to pay attention to where I’m stepping and watch for wildlife sharing the space. Just spending that time in the present moment brings me peace.

Today, I commit to enjoying a nature walk. This morning I’m looking forward to taking a walk just as the sun starts to warm the Earth. The beautiful thing about a walk is it doesn’t have to be long to have positive effects on us. As much as I love spending hours in the woods, I also love walking around our small community lake and watching all the birds gathering on their island and around the edges of the lake. I love hearing all their calls. I remember when I lived up North doing short winter walks especially after it snowed so that I could feel the snow crunching beneath my feet. Do you know all the walking places in your area? I keep discovering new ones around me. I’m amazed that there always seems to be more. I love tapping into the energy of peace by spending time walking in nature.

With Love, Abundance, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #4

Living in gratitude is living in abundance over lack. When we take time to focus on gratitude daily, we start noticing more and more to be grateful for. Our energy is aligned with our blessings, and that is what it means to live in abundance. Today’s focus on gratitude is focused in the wonderful world of nature. When we start looking at nature for gratitude, we have an endless supply. If you missed the details of this daily challenge, you can find them here.

You heard me, THREE NEW things, just for you! I’m so excited to hear what people will come up with. Think outside of your own box. The more often you can do this, the more you will open your mind to possibilities. That is when miracles REALLY begin to reveal themselves.

With Love, Gratitude, and Peace,

©Rachael Wolff 2020

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A Single Mom’s Dream Road Trip

I have always loved adventures. I am the kind of person who gets very antsy if I sit in one place too long. I have moved all over the country and travelled many roads. Luckily, throughout my 20’s my job allowed me to maintain my adventure lifestyle and call it work.

When I became a mom, the road trips became shorter. When I got divorced I wondered if I was going to be able to go on any at all. I made it happen. I visited friends in other towns, cities and states, but no more than 10 hours.

For a while now, I have wanted to travel along the Appalachian Mountains and explore nature’s wonders. I even put it on my dream board, but I never had clue when and/or how I would ever do it.

A few months ago, I decided this was the year. I was missing my family and friends who lived North of me and I started planning a trip to see them and take my dream vacation all in one trip. The kids and I started looking at the Atlas and getting ideas. The dreams got bigger. We started looking up cool things to do along the route. Then the magic started happening.

Everything started coming together. Career opportunities appeared which made it possible for me to write as I travelled. I found out how to get by on very little. Then, money started showing up from unexpected place. My dream was unfolding before my eyes.

We started our adventures in the woods of Georgia four days ago. The majestic beauty of woods, water, and wildlife was overwhelming.

Our next stop, Clingman’s Dome on the Tennessee/North Carolina border. We climbed rocks and took the steep trek up the mountain to the observation tower. My daughter saying, “I can’t do it.” My son and I encouraging her she could and she did. We changed the language from I can’t to I can and it made all the difference. We overlooked miles upon miles from the highest point in Tennessee; AMAZING! 

Today, we started out in the Bristol Caverns in Bristol, TN. Awe, pure awe, every step of the way. The experience was magical and one that the kids and I will always remember.

After lunch we worked our way up to Marion, Virginia and explored Mount Rogers National Recreation Area and hiked over to an amazing waterfall.

So far, our adventures have been better than any dream I could ever imagined. My kids are getting along better than they have in months. We have laughed, talked, and explored together as a family. The scenery along the trip has made it easy to enjoy every minute. Today, we decided where we wanted to stay together and found a hotel for $39.95 using one of those discount books found at rest areas. Well worth it to not over plan and let the adventures unfold.

The next leg of our trip is visiting our AMAZING extended family. We can’t wait for more incredible adventures to unfold.

Whether you are a single mom, married, or just by yourself, don’t be afraid to dream and plan adventures. Don’t wait on a partner to show up, just do it. Life is too short to wait on someone else to make your dreams come true. 

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff

The Power of Nature


“Seeing beauty in a flower could awaken humans, however briefly, to the beauty that is an essential part of their innermost being, their true nature.”

-Eckhart Tolle, A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose p. 2


Location:  Myakka River in Venice, FL

Seeing the beauty in nature is how I know when I am completely in the moment. If I can pay attention to the details; I’m there. My head is no longer visiting the past or questioning the future. I am at one with the moment. For this reason, I know when I am scattered and lost too. If I can drive down the road and not spot anything beautiful outside I’m gone. My head is so wrapped up in the chaos tornado whirling the past and future around and in my head. It is my sign to slow down, take three long and deep breaths and re-engage with the moment.

If I have ability to go outside in these moments, I go find the nearest tree. I stand on the roots, touch the trunk, and breathe. If I can get myself to the point where I feel the tingles of energy running through me, I’m re-centered. Then I start to pay attention to all the beautiful things in nature around me. This is how my day transforms. Everything becomes more elaborate and alive. The best part, my mind is clear.

These are the times, I am open to guidance, signs, and miracles. If I’m busy with my tornado, nothing is clear. I miss the giant signs telling me what to do. I get caught up in desperate prayers, but don’t give myself space to hear and/or see the reply. Nature is how I gage how I am doing. If I can find the awe, I’m in a good place. Awe is where miracles are seen.


Location: Venice, FL

I was once told, “I don’t have time to get outside and appreciate nature.” That would be to say, the person never leaves the house or looks out a window. Nature is around us. It is the wildlife, clouds, colors, water, desert, trees, flowers, and plants. When a person says this, it is not that they don’t have time. They are not ready to get out of their own tornado. Where we put our focus tells us a lot. If we can’t see the beauty around us, we most certainly are not seeing it within us. This effects the way we see both other people and the situations surrounding us. We must put the energy into the things we want to see in the world. As our inner focus transforms our thinking, our outer world reflects the change.

In order for me to stay in-line with my purpose, I must focus on the beauty within and surrounding me. Not to say, I don’t have my bad days. I live in a coastal city in Florida. Driving in tourist season is a reminder of the work I still need to do. I also am a parent of two young children; enough said. I don’t always handle these situations in a zen-like manner. The point is, nobody is perfect. Life will throw us opportunities to dive into the fear or the love. We need both to grow. The question is, which one is at the foundation.

My relationship with nature has got me through a lot of sticky situations. I have had the opportunity to see so many amazing miracles in my life, just by getting outside.

A tree taught me the importance of getting rid of dead weight in order to grow. I also learned about the energy they give off and how to use it to help me center myself.


Location: Ringling Museum, Sarasota, FL

Sunrises and sunsets is how I remember to be in complete AWE. Sunrises taught me about the magic of the peace of quiet in the early morning hours. Sunsets have filled me with the magic of light.

Locations: Sunrise – Hayesville, NC  Sunset: Naples, FL

The eagle gave me a glimpse of strength, perspective, and a reminder to soar.


Swamp walks taught me the importance of being present, because boy can stepping on the wrong thing hurt your feet.


Location: Naples, FL (My son and I) Photo Credit: Daniel (Zeke) Schryver

Being quiet in the woods helps me to pay attention to all of its amazing sounds. It is also the reminder of all the creatures we share the Earth with. We are just one small piece to a very large puzzle. It is important to me to respect that. It also keeps me in perspective. The world does not revolve around me. Other people don’t do things to intentionally hurt me. They are unconscious and taking their own pain out on me, because I am there. When I can  get there, I’m at peace.


Location: Marietta, Georgia

I become as solid as the mountain that I love looking out from.


Location: Stone Mountain, Georgia

As my thirties are coming to an end, I noticed they were about letting go of the past and discovering the life I was meant to live. It was in these past ten years that I have been able to really see nature’s way of showing me how to live life fuller and connect to it’s messages. My life became amazing when I connected to the AWE!

With Love and Gratitude,

Rachael Wolff

Photo Credit: All pictures, except the one noted, were taken by Rachael Wolff. It is important to me to share my personal moments with you, because they are a big part of my journey.

Seeing the Miracles


Have you ever had a thought or idea and the very next second, hour, day, or week it re-emerges through another person’s mouth? Have you ever had someone tell you about a book, then hear it’s name multiple times? Have you read that book and knew that it was exactly what you needed to hear? Have you ever been inspired to take action and it leads to great opportunities? I love when that happens. I know I am on the right track, my prayers are being answered, and I AM exactly where I’m supposed to be. As many times as it has happened to me, I still feel the complete awe in the moment. Lately, it has been happening a lot.

Most mornings, I take a walk to get my day started. One day, I was listening to an Oprah and Deepak Chopra meditation as I walked around the lake. My mind was wandering into all these creative places. Next thing I knew, Deepak said the exact words that were just in my head. It happened again and again. I took the sign seriously,  I knew things were moving exactly the way that they were supposed to. A couple weeks later, I was inspired to start writing again.

Since I started this blog, two weeks ago, I kept getting more signs that I am moving in the right direction. I will have just written or posted, then I will read a message on the very thing I posted about, or someone will talk to me about something I just wrote. The Universe keeps opening up and expanding. I give give credit to operating out of a loving place instead of fear.

Nature is my way of knowing where my head is focused. If I can spot the beauty, I know my head is good. If I ignore it, my day is in trouble. Those are the days I’m operating in autopilot, fear, and/or anxiety. When I know I’m there, it is essential that I get outside, look out a window, or go to nature pictures on my computer. Miracles will never be seen in autopilot. Don’t forget to look up at the clouds and be in awe. Awe is where miracles are seen. When I do this, my signs are clear, my heart is open, and I am ready for a great day.

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Photo credit: Rachael Wolff